Large Glass Sliding Doors By IQ Glass

In contemporary architecture the drive for bigger glass panels and smaller frames are pushing the architectural glass market to discover and design more sophisticated glass solutions able to stand up against the ever increasing demand for thermal efficiency as well as providing a neat contemporary appearance.

Large Sliding Glass Doors are at the forefront of this move for larger glass panels. Aluminium is the modern builders framing material of choice, the lightweight framing is easy to manipulate and shape into thin framed profiles with neat square edges whilst being able to hold large glass sizes.

IQ 2

A maximum of 12m2 per sliding panel gives great scope for large glass sizes, available in double or triple glazing depending on thermal performance requirements.

When using these high specification framing systems it is imperative that a highly engineered, fully tested system is specified. Oversized glass panels, such as those that can be used with sliding glass doors, can be extremely heavy. In order to have the ease of use needed and expected of these high end products top end roller and wheel engineering is the only way to ensure these sliding door systems run smoothly and easily over their lifetime.

Maintaining the frameless aesthetic a flush floor finish across the threshold of the doors is usually preferred. This step free access can also be wheelchair accessible and is great for creating that ‘indoor-outdoor’ effect that is so popular.

This home office project showcases the fantastic effect that large glass sliding doors can have to a space. The thin 21mm aluminium framing is anodized silver for a metallic finish and surround the modest home office on 3 sides. Each corner can be slid open to integrate the garden room to the garden for al fresco working when wanted. Large glass expanses bath the internal space with natural light, a proven aid to a constructive working day.

What could have been a boring working space is now a small architectural gem, all with the educated use of large glass sliding doors.

All in all these emerging sliding door systems are a fantastic addition to any contemporary build and ensure a ‘wow’ factor with minimal design input required.