GDG Publishes Review of Irish Offshore Renewable Energy Sector’s Data & Information Requirements

(In the Context of INFOMAR Seabed Mapping Programme)

Specialist offshore engineering consultancy, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (GDG), has published a review of data requirements, in the context of achieving 30 GW installed capacity of offshore renewable energy.

The report finds that achieving this ambitious target, as set out in the Program for Government 2020, will require key enabling process changes and bespoke data collection projects.

The report, which was commissioned by Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) – a Division of The Department of the Environment Climate and Communications (DECC) – follows a two-year study funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) into researching the implications for offshore wind energy developments along the east coast of Ireland. GDG’s input was to analyse the seabed conditions by interrogating different geophysical datasets as well as by collecting new geotechnical information.

The report, which is available to download from INFOMAR website, reviews INFOMAR’s current outputs and capabilities highlighting areas where additional value may be added to programme activities to support the development of ORE in Ireland, in particular offshore wind but also other relevant technologies and associated activities.

The document is aimed at INFOMAR funding and delivery bodies (Geological Survey Ireland [GSI], the Marine Institute, the Department of the Environment Climate and Communications [DECC]) and the ORE industry (developers, consultants, etc.), with a view to improving the understanding of how current INFOMAR programme deliverables can best be used by the Irish ORE sector, how they could be used in the near-term and long-term.

From a history of the INFOMAR programme, survey methods used, and near- and long-term ORE Sector data needs assessment (to 2030), through to G&G Data Gap analysis, industry responsibilities, case study and industry engagement recommendations, the 80-page fully reference document will be an extremely useful resource for any stakeholder involved in the development of renewable wind energy.

The document is available for download here:

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