The NEW Externally Mounted Fire Suppression Control System

Firebreaker is the ONLY externally mounted fire suppression control system available on the market. This truly innovative product is mains fed and can be attached onto a property or industrial unit, both for new build and retrospective fitting.

Extremely cost effective, Firebreaker is easily installed, removes the need for unsightly and expensive tanks and water storage units and can be boosted if required.

Firebreaker removes the need for the sprinkler control system to be installed inside a property, offering easy access for fire crews and regular maintenance.

Due to a change in legislation in Wales, the Welsh Assembly states that it is compulsory to install sprinkler systems into new homes. This legislation is sure to spread across the UK. Therefore the Welsh Assembly, Regional and Local Government as well as Fire Services and housing stock holders are all seeking cost effective and accessible means of adding safety to home designs in a cost effective manner.

Developed with water industry approved components, Firebreaker is compliant with Water and Building Regulations and the Memorandum of Understanding between Water UK and the Fire / Rescue Services (December 2013).

Firebreaker Systems is a member of BAFSA.

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