New D400 ductile iron double sealed and locking recessed cover is designed for UK construction markets

CD D630J-DSL aimed at heavily trafficked ‘public’ paved and tarmac areas

Drainage product and access cover leader, Clark-Drain, has launched CD D630J-DSL, a ductile iron recessed cover capable of exceeding BS EN 124 D400 loading requirements.

Clark-Drain believes that the introduction of the CD D630J-DSL into UK construction will provide a better, more durable solution to ‘over-loading’ issues in heavily trafficked paved areas where damaged covers, often made from heavy duty steel, can cause public ‘environmental’ concerns or become detrimental to safe working, e.g. in yards or depots.

Dave Westacott, National Sales Manager at Clark-Drain comments, “Traditionally, all-steel recessed covers have been used as an infill option in areas experiencing heavy traffic. Often they are durable enough – particularly in areas where heavy loads are infrequent, they can be tolerated. However, when large vehicles are being endured on a regular basis significant advantages can be gained by using D400 ductile recessed covers, including greater durability which can lead to improvements in ‘whole life costs’ and a better public experience.’

He continues, ‘The CD D630J-DSL has been engineered to cope with frequent heavy duty, slow moving wheel loads of the type found, for example in busy public areas such as bus depots, car parks, petrol stations, municipal maintenance facilities or fleet fuelling sites. Though we have supplied this product internationally for similar applications we now want to introduce it to the UK construction market as a more appropriate solution to heavily trafficked paved areas’.

The CD D630J-DSL has been designed to concentrate the load transfer in optimum areas of the flange design to minimise the strain on the surrounding bedding material.

Its 100mm drop-in recess tray provides flexibility over the choice of infill materials installers can use including tarmac, paving and concrete recommended for use in estates and commercial and/or industrial areas subject to heavy traffic.

Standard features comprise corner locking bolts to counteract the problem of metal theft and a double-seal design to prevent the egress of odour.

Other features of the CD D630J-DSL include a load rating classification of D400 (40 tonnes) Kitemark-certified to BS EN125:1994 and a clear opening of 600mm x 600mm.

Integral lifting keyholes enable the tray to be removed for utility access.

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