Wienerberger launches innovative online platform for Special Shaped Bricks

Finding the right building materials can be daunting to say the least, especially when you consider the sheer volume of materials and solutions available. As the UK’s leading supplier of building materials, at Wienerberger we want to ensure that all of our products are easily accessible and understood by our customers, especially with regard to more technical products like our Special Shaped Bricks. To do this, we have created an online platform that makes selecting the right Special Shaped Brick easy and provides you with all the information you’ll need, regardless of your level of industry knowledge.

The Platform Especially for Special Shaped Bricks is solely dedicated to our market-leading range of versatile, unique and outstanding brick specials, which satisfy a multitude of requirements and project types. Regardless of whether you’re an industry expert or a first-time self-builder, the platform is bursting with information and innovative features to ensure you have full knowledge of the product before buying.

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For those less familiar with the various different special shaped brick formats available, the Special Brick Showhome tool features an interactive diagram, which explains where each product is customarily used in property design. It’s the ideal online resource for those with a more basic understanding of special shaped bricks.

Conversely, for customers who simply want to find a special shaped brick as quickly and easily as possible, the Special Brick Selector is an easy-to-use product browser featuring our full British Standard special shaped brick range, You can explore our entire range, with technical information, detailed images, helpful tips and considerations for the vast majority of special shaped brick groups.

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As well as providing users with all the relevant information surrounding Special Bricks, we also want to ensure customers are supported in making informed decisions about a product that can often be quite complex. To do this we offer a support service in which customers can liaise with a member of our Specialist Products team who will be happy to ensure all questions are answered and all products satisfy both customer expectations and project requirements.

Because of their almost limitless aesthetic capabilities, as well as their functional properties, Special Shaped Bricks should be strongly considered when designing a build. While there is a perception that these bricks are an expensive additional cost, Specials have a number of benefits, such as enhancing aesthetics, protecting brick work from weathering, reducing onsite costs and finally, addressing the skills shortage by reducing the need for cutting on site.

Ultimately, our new online platform aims to ensure that all our customers are given clear, accurate and helpful information on special shaped bricks, all in one place; thereby reducing the time spent in the initial stages of the project. And what’s more? The website gives you the chance to see how the Special bricks work – not just to read about it.

The site is now live and ready to help you select the perfect brick special for your next project. Visit today to start your search.


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