The simplest and fastest way to reduce DER rates by up to 24% @CanetisTech

The house building industry could be saving several thousand pounds per plot by the simple installation of the Canetis GasSaver flue gas heat recovery technology with every combi boiler. Because GasSaver reduces the Dwelling Emission Rate so dramatically, by as much as 24%, it’s possible to dispense with other more costly and time-consuming energy efficiency measures, such as solar panels or insulation, and still achieve the required SAP rating.

The catalyst for this opportunity is the imminent introduction of the Government’s new Boiler Plus legislation, part of the Clean Growth Strategy, which comes into effect on 18th April 2018. Boiler Plus specifies that one of a choice of four  energy efficiency measures – weather compensation, load compensation, smart controls or flue gas heat recovery (FGHR) – must be included in all new combi boiler installations, but of all these options, only the GasSaver stored FGHR system can deliver such exceptional energy savings.

FGHR works by capturing waste heat from the flue gases that vent from a combi boiler into the atmosphere. Escaping flue gases can exceed 70°C during the winter months but this is reduced to between 20-45°C by the GasSaver stored FGHR system. GasSaver creates a self-maintaining thermal store of condensate and this is used to heat mains cold water that is stored for later use.

As well as the cost savings for developers, GasSaver delivers substantial savings to consumers on their household bills, water as well as gas. Consumers who have a water meter will see a significant reduction in lukewarm water rejection, which represents roughly 20% of UK domestic water consumption, because the water delivered to the tap takes less time to reach a usable temperature.

The combined savings on energy and water are officially estimated to be around £100 per annum, substantially more than the other Boiler Plus options, but tests by Canetis show that the realistic savings are as much as £180. Only the GasSaver stored FGHR system can make these savings; a standard FGHR system will only save around £9 per annum.

“Profitability can be a challenge for the house building industry but GasSaver can substantially increase the profit per plot, as well as deliver the best value for consumers and significantly reduce emissions,” said Greg Finnigan, Canetis Chief Operating Officer. “Of the plethora of energy saving devices on the market, GasSaver is the only one that can achieve these benefits.”

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