Innovative solutions from Systemlink Technologies

With a tagline of ‘Hot water, made simple’, the AquaEko is a revolutionary new intelligent system for heating and hot water that lives up to this maxim. According to Systemlink Technologies, it is the quickest, most efficient and least expensive way to heat a home or hot water, all controlled from anywhere with the AquaEko App. This provides the combined benefits of instantaneous and stored hot water.

For the first time ever, you can order hot water by volume required rather than by time. Systemlink’s patented AquaEko system fills the cylinder from the top down with hot water, which – thanks to an intelligent control system – allows the user to heat precisely the volume of water they require, when they require it. A fully internet-enabled device, AquaEko provides full control of up to 50 zones using wireless zone add-on devices and the AquaEko app.

For the safest, most efficient and most controllable stove operation, Heat Genie allows a stove to be installed without digging up floors or pulling down ceilings. The Heat Genie method of stove installation ensures safer, more efficient and more controllable stove operation than conventional methods, meaning pressurised heating and hot water is safely achievable with Heat Genie.

An all-in-one, pre-plumbed plug-and- play package, Spirolink offers fast and safe installation. Transforming home zoning and link-up, Systemlink’s unique, patented zoning devices greatly simplify the design and installation of heating zones – saving you time and money.

It provides all the advantages of a low loss header, whilst fully zoning your central heating system. This eliminates issues of radiator balancing, pumping against dead head and linking together multiple boilers – issues which are common on other methods of zoning.

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