The Perfect Plumber’s Mate: Maximising Efficiency and Boosting Productivity with Geocel®’s Trade Mate Plumber Range

In today’s busy and competitive plumbing and building environment, tradespeople are searching for new ways to offer better and more efficient working.

Choosing the right products provides ample opportunities for boosting productivity, helping plumbers offer an extended range of services to their clients while maintaining extremely high standards.

Geocel®’s Trade Mate Plumber Range includes a range of different technologies offering a selection of hard-working products that make it easier than ever to achieve a perfect finish and job well done, in good time.

Including silicone sealants, silicone greases and non setting putty it is the plumber’s ultimate tool kit, they can all be re used boosting efficiency.

At the forefront of the range is Geocel® Trade Mate Sanitary Seal. This versatile product makes sealing sanitary units and non-porous surfaces of all kinds easier than ever. Tack free within the hour, it’s quick curing easy to use silicone formula provides excellent adhesion, without the need for primers and is suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates.

It can be applied to sanitaryware, ceramics and plastics for a guaranteed smooth seal and finish. Once cured, Geocel® Trade Mate Sanitary Seal will remain totally water resistant. Its added fungicide and high movement capability gives it the added attraction of looking clean and tidy for longer without the risk of shrinking, cracking or discolouration.

Geocel® Trade Mate Plumber’s Putty is ready mixed so always ready to use – saving time and money on everything from a quick-fix repair to a new installation jobs. Stored correctly it will last for 12 months, so it’s a great tool box standby. Its non-setting pliable formula makes it suitable for use on sanitary joints for bedding in sinks,waste pipes and vanity units inside and outside the home.

It can be applied to a wide range of substrates, including metal, PVC, vitreous enamels and ceramics, too.

A solid, long-term choice, it won’t crack and is not affected by most cleaning products without perishing or peeling.

Geocel® Trade Mate Plumba Joint is another essential part of any plumbers’ kit; offering a quick and reliable way to tackle seals and repairs to tricky threaded fittings and to fix emergencies and leaks.

The low odour, clear neutral silicone product comes ready mixed, meaning less mess and faster working time, and remains flexible even after application.

It won’t stain copper fixtures or fittings and is fast cure meaning it’s tack free in one hour. Its sister product, Geocel® Trade Mate Plumba Thread has been developed to create an instant, low-pressure watertight seal in metal pipe systems.

Replacing fiddly PTFE tape it’s non-setting, adhesive formula means it can be set up cleanly and dismantled with ease and speed, whenever joints have to be repaired or replaced. It comes in boxes of six, handy 50 ml tubes so you’ll never run out.

Speaking about the range, Geocel’s Product Manager Mark Pereira said: “We know that plumbers and the trade in general are looking for new ways to grow their businesses and expand the range of professional services they offer. Geocel®’s Trade Mate Plumber Range has been developed in response to these needs, to provide the kind of cost-effective and easy to use solutions that plumbers want. Used together or as individual items, this Trade Mate range of products gives the professional Plumber the performance they demand on every job, every day.”

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