“ALUCOBOND® design” – The Freedom of Architectural Expression Across the Building Envelope @Alucobond

ALUCOBOND® design, from 3A Composites GmbH, is an innovative surface finishing that allows an almost infinite variety of designs, colours and textures to be placed onto the surface of its portfolio of ALUCOBOND® composite panels.

Project: Bradstowe House, Harrow UK
Building Type: Residential
Architect/Planner: Comer Property Group
Installer: Booth Murie / Harley Curtain Wall
Colour Surface: ALUCOBOND® design
Construction: Cassettes-Special Construction

With architects constantly looking for new ways to expand the limits of design, as well as bring true individuality to the buildings they create, ALUCOBOND® design meets this demand and allows unique designs and colours to be placed on the façade or to choose designs from an existing ‘décor collection’ for stunning effect.

Coupled with the extraordinary formability (bending and folding) of ALUCOBOND® products, as well as the ability to produce 3D effects, vary the depth of colour and use metallic finishes, ALUCOBOND® design offers even greater design possibilities.

ALUCOBOND® design is perfect for use across either the entire façade or just section where a ‘touch of the creative’ may be desired. Due to the high-quality varnishing process together with the company’s experience and expertise of surface finishing, ALUCOBOND® design is also extremely durable and robust retaining its finish through the typical lifecycle of the building.

Creating the surface finish can be facilitated using ALUCOBOND® Designmaker, the company’s innovative and inspirational tool for architects, designers and planners that allows the creation of individual surface designs in façade concepts. The files created can be exported to PDF format or as CAD data generated directly through the ALUCOBOND® Designmaker program.

To learn more about ALUCOBOND® design or to sign up for further updates about its products and services visit the company’s website at www.alucobond.com or call + 44 (0) 75 84 68 02 62.