Herald is targetting the building products market with a view to reaching out to site managers and those who specify across all aspects of the build process, including for any catering requirement.

The British manufacturer and importer of quality disposables aims to address demand for items such as wooden and plastic cups, lids, stirrrers, cutlery, straws and brown deli boxes across these sites, while highlighting the breadth of the range of goods it can supply.

Aware of the building industry’s continuing need to cut costs, along with the high-profile drive to reduce the amount of disposables on site, Herald is keen to pull focus with its recently expanded warehouse space, which means the supplier can hold a lot more items and store products, tailoring the size of orders to meet any requirement and enabling its customers to replenish stock on a ‘need only’ basis.

Managing director of Herald, Yogesh Patel explains: “Our vast product range has been developed and added to in order to meet the requirement of a wide and varied customer base, with members who have differing needs and priorities.

“For some customers, cost is a huge driver and they want choice that includes both quality and low-cost solutions. Others are driven by how accessible the goods are and how much they need to order to ensure they won’t be left empty-handed. At the same time, these customers don’t want to waste funds by over-ordering so all elements come into play.

“We’re used to dealing with the catering, leisure and food to go sectors however more and more site managers and specifiers are looking to better manage costs across the board and so we want to make sure we are known to this market so that they can come to us direct.”

With over thirty years since its inception, Herald is renowned for its vast catalogue of goods, providing an unrivalled breadth of choice. The company has been careful not to sacrifice quality for price and adheres to a standard, refusing to stock products that fall below a certain grade in order to protect its reputation and its customers’ expectation.

Herald’s product brands include All-Guard, AluFast, Aqua, Jazzcafe, Crystaline, Brochette, Carizma, Chef Master, Lacette, Fine Dine, Tuzcani, Windzer, Micro Fast, Rootier and Mr Chip.

For further information on Herald, log on to www.heraldplastic.com or call 0208 507 7900.