The Invisible Corner Series @cantifix

The Edge of Beauty – Cantifix create a focal point at Finsbury Park

Innovative architectural glazing specialists, Cantifix, install a virtually seamless 90-degree invisible corner using ground breaking new glass technology at the ‘Bird’s Nest’, a Victorian terrace project with a striking second floor rear extension.

The two-storey flat in Finsbury Park required a new bathroom that was both close to the existing bedrooms and consistent with the finishes. Given that the bathroom was inconveniently located a floor below the bedrooms, the solution involved relocating the bathroom in a bold new extension.

Due to space constraints, the bathroom was relocated to the back of the property overlooking the gardens of the neighbouring terraces, not ideal for the property owners. Their desire was for clear unobstructed views, but that achieved privacy when required. Cantifix and architects, A2 Studio, therefore, came up with a solution in the form of the invisible UV corner, a masterpiece of glazing technology.

Charlie Sharman, CEO at Cantifix commented: “Given this UV corner is limited on space, it did present some challenges, as the film needed to be cut and applied with a high level of precision to ensure we could bond the mitred glass together.”

UV bonding allows glass to be seamlessly fixed, creating a striking invisible corner and giving that edge to a property.

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Cantifix created the two small windows of this extraordinary bathroom. One being a single fixed panel and the other a small UV corner. The UV corner has a switchable interlayer – a film between the two panels of glass that effortlessly changes from clear to opaque. By simply pressing a button, the glass changes almost instantly.

Charlie added: “A UV corner is created by mitring the edges of the glass at 45 degrees and applying an incredibly thin, strong UV-cured adhesive to each side and then sealing them together. The area with which to bond the glass is exceptionally small so the film had to be applied at exactly the right position. It took immense precision.”

Architects, A2 Studio created a distinctive yellow border of a stair runner winding up towards the building’s entrance revealing a vibrant, freestanding, classical bathtub that contrasts with a modern frameless oriel window to realise their vision and the owner’s desires for this refurbishment.

Innovation transcends throughout this property.