Choosing windows and doors with security in mind @QuickSlide

A secure home means peace of mind and safety for you and your family, so it’s important to choose windows and doors that will stand the test of time as well as providing a worthy investment for your home. Cutting corners on your home safety could be detrimental for your family long-term if cheap materials are used to make your external fixtures, making it easy for perpetrators to gain access to your valuables. Here we will look at why you should be buying your windows and doors with security at the forefront.

Update weak fixtures

An obvious step to secure your home is to lock your windows and doors, but if your locks are broken or damaged, it can be easy to spot externally. Burglars will find a way to get into your home through the smallest spaces, so leaving your window ajar if it doesn’t lock will put your valuables and personal safety at risk. Window locks can be easily and quickly replaced to pin, keyed, hinged wedge or sash locks depending on the style of your window.

Upgrade your locking system

A strong locking system is integral to deter potential burglars – many homeowners will only have one main lock on their doors, which can be easy for someone to access or break into if they wanted to get into your home. A multipoint locking system is most commonly used on garages and patio doors but can be applied to your main entrances to make your home more secure. Other popular locks for doors are deadbolt locks that require a password and smart locks which are voice activated and alarmed. So, if your windows and doors don’t need upgrading, be sure to make sure you have a solid and secure locking system.

Front and back doors

A survey found that [1]73% of burglars gain entry through a door, showing just how easy it is for people to break into unsecure homes. Ensuring both your front and back doors are good quality is key. Be sure to invest in high quality doors made of solid materials such as PVCu or aluminium as opposed to wood which can be more malleable. Quickslide windows and doors are all made from either PVCu or aluminium for the best quality possible.

Add extra deterrents

Window restrictors or child safety catches are ideal for adding onto your window for some extra security and limiting the range of motion. Other ways to burglar proof your home are to include window sensors, motion lights and tempered glass on external facing windows. However, with doors and windows being the entry ways to your home, it is important to make sure these fixtures are as secure as possible in your home.

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