Wooden floors are an integral part of the home, an area we use every day, but often neglect. As time passes, wear and tear is inevitable, and floors will begin to look tired and in need of renovation. Yet with the summer season fast approaching, the desire to brighten up our tired homes is mounting, but the cost of removing an old floor and installing a new one can be extremely high. For customers who are looking for a change, why not suggest refreshing the current surface instead. The smallest flooring touch-up can transform a dull, dark interior into a bright and spacious expanse, eliminating the need to install a new flooring altogether.

Here, Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of Osmo UK provides a solution by explaining how applying a high-quality finish allows customers to cut costs, transform the existing flooring, and keep it looking its best for many years to come.

Natural beauty

For many, the reason for installing wooden floors is for the wood’s beautiful, natural aesthetics. It is a good idea to apply a light protective finish to highlight the wood’s raw beauty and bring warmth back into the room. The wood’s attractive knots and grain will be accentuated, recreating the classic look many crave whilst also protecting the wood’s surface. This appearance can be achieved by using Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original.

Add a splash of colour

Creativity in interior design is getting bigger and bolder. The trend of incorporating colour into the home has been a key feature to the design market in the past few years. New colours and finishes help keep traditional flooring looking contemporary. Osmo Wood Wax Finish range instantly revives any tired looking room by adding a splash of colour to old outdated flooring. Ideal in any living space, this finish would be great specifically for renovation projects in spaces such as a children’s playroom or bedroom, creating an energetic and playful atmosphere.

Silver lining

As well as bright colours, grey and silver continue to be at the top of design trends. Once considered drab and depressing, grey has been resurrected to lofty heights in design. Highly versatile, grey flooring adapts well in both contemporary and classic interiors. Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints Graphite 3074 brings sophistication and glamour to any room, the contrast of grey flooring with different colours on the wall or furniture accentuates the room’s vibrancy bringing the room to life.


The distinctive markings and natural characteristics of wood are what make the material so popular. Even when the most natural appearance is desired, it is important to protect the wood to ensure its longevity. As a natural product, wood continues to need nourishment to ensure it stays in the best possible condition, both aesthetically and structurally.  For best results, a wax-/oil-based finish, full of natural properties, will not only enhance the wood’s performance, but will also replenish the material’s natural oils to retain the wood’s integrity. Osmo Wood Protector 4006 retains all the natural properties of the wood, keeping it breathable, elastic and attractive, giving added water, dirt and stain resistance allowing you to enjoy your new summer flooring all year round.

Products in Practice

Floor maintenance specialist, Conrad Park turned to Osmo UK when renovating and refreshing an existing oak floor in a family kitchen. Thanks to its hardwearing properties and aesthetically pleasing finish, Polyx®-Oil was the ideal choice to rejuvenate the room in the heart of the home.

When the client requested a timeless appearance that would refresh and protect the wooden floor in the kitchen, Conrad Park recognised that two coats of Osmo UK Polyx®-Oil Effect Raw 3044 would create the desired result.

Preparation of the three-day project began with 60 grit sanding, before abrading with a mesh disc on 120 grit. The floor was then thoroughly vacuumed to remove the residual of dust before applying the finish. Due to Osmo UK finishes being very viscid, and containing both oil and wax, the wood absorbs the finish to provide a smooth surface, resulting in the extra level of sanding not being required.

Conrad Park applied the natural finish with an Osmo UK microfibre roller. For the hard to reach areas, including the edges, corners and under the kitchen island, Conrad Park opted for an Osmo UK flat brush. The finish was applied thinly, using just under two 2.2L to achieve the desired look.

“Osmo UK is by far my favourite wood finish to use both internally and externally” explains Conrad. “It’s incredibly easy to apply, gives the floor a natural look, protects the surface against spillages, and most important, is easy to maintain.”

For more information on Osmo and its range of environmentally friendly wooden products and finishes, call Osmo UK direct on 01296 481220 or alternatively visit www.osmouk.com.