Heat Recovery

Models from Air Vent Technology’s extensive range of heat recovery units are suited for installation into residential/commercial premises, ie schools, student accommodation, hospitals, hotels, factories, sports and leisure facilities etc.  Ensuring that buildings are properly ventilated and keeping heat loss to a minimum during winter months, the new range of Infinity® low profile heat recovery units (HRPSL/EC) are available in 10 standard sizes with airflow up to 4.33 m3 /sec.  They combine low energy with very high efficiency (incorporating an EC motor).  Internal models with side access are standard, but they can be manufactured with bottom access, or for a stacked arrangement, and for external installation (HRRSL/EC).  EHB or LPHW heater batteries are available pre-wired to speed controllers and isolators for straightforward electrical connections.  These units are manufactured in AVT’s Andover factory to ISO9001 Standard, using the latest technology for the ultimate in energy saving and low specific fan powers.  All conform to ErP Directive requirements. 

Air Vent Technology Ltd has helped in the design of a sophisticated ventilation system to suit the requirements of the kiln room area of a fish processing plant in Plymouth.  The system needed to be able to cope with the all the special demands likely to be encountered during operation.  The air handling units chosen and installed have separate extract fans specifically to serve the kiln room area.  The units were fully treated inside and out to give protection against the high salt content of the air at this coastal location.  Additionally, a high level of filtration was required to comply with food audit regulations.  The extract unit was supplied with “motor-out-of-airstream” to offer additional protection and longer life against the harsh extract conditions and high ambient temperatures.  The units were installed in a stacked configuration with the extract AHU unit above the supply AHU unit.

AVT’s team can design suitable ventilation for a huge variety of locations.  The Company has had one of its custom-built units installed in the plant-room of a biogas operation, and with the facility of being able to protect units against sea air, is able to provide ventilation units for use on oil rigs!

AVT can design ventilation schemes from small to large, providing a total, compatible package, thus guaranteeing a quality ventilation solution.  AND with its Site Engineering Services Department can install, maintain, service, refurbish and repair ALL types of air handling units.