Conveyors keeping construction moving

Bristol based Coveya Ltd specialises in the design, manufacturing and supply of conveyor systems and parts to a range of customers across the UK and internationally which includes those within the excavation, construction and demolition industries.

During this period of uncertainty we must all do what we can to keep construction sites moving and with the likelihood of an increased number of staff unfortunately becoming ill or self-isolating, conveyors have an important part to play in moving construction materials to, from and across site.

Conveyors offer a safe and sustainable alternative to wheelbarrows, buckets and other ways to move soil, rubble, aggregates and other materials, enabling materials to be moved efficiently over longer distances and at varying inclines.

They offer a flexible, robust method to move excavation, construction and demolition materials and with a modular design, conveyors can be configured to maximise each site.  They can be hired or purchased and with conveyors supporting both constrained and complex sites, they offer a way for the construction industry to continue on site, eliminating downtime.

Carsten Herbert, Sales Director commented; “Coveya has over 30 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing conveyor solutions and parts alongside maintenance, servicing and training.  All our products are manufactured from our UK site and with stock available and with a robust supply chain, our team can deploy conveyors as quickly as construction customers need them.

He continued; “Conveyors have played a critical role within many sectors and Coveya have worked extensively with basement excavation and other construction customers for many years but now it’s time for the wider construction industry to harness the power of conveyors to keep projects and the wider industry operating until things finally return to normal”.