IBS Awarded Flood Defence Package for the Environment Agency, Avonmouth @IBS_EPLtd

IBS Engineered Products Ltd (IBS), one of the UK’s leading contractors specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of flow control and flood protection equipment, has been awarded the contract to supply and install flood gates and flood walls as part of the ASEA Ecology Mitigation and Flood Defence Project, in Avonmouth.

The project is a partnership between South Gloucestershire Council, Bristol City Council, and the Environment Agency. The two key goals of the project are managing the risk of flooding to keep pace with climate change and rising sea levels and creating wetland habitat for internationally important species of birds at the Severn Estuary site.

Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council have both granted planning permission for 17km of improved sea defences and around 85 hectares of wetland areas for ecological mitigation.

BMM JV have been appointed by Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire Council and the Environment Agency and have been undertaking site investigation, survey and ecological mitigation works across the area since October 2019.

BMM JV have awarded IBS Ltd the design, manufacture, and installation of the flood gate and glass flood wall elements of this project. This project includes a number of flood gates, including some large 8mtr wide double leaf mitred gates. All gate designs are still subject to necessary approvals”

Speaking about the project, Berthold Reiter, Managing Director of IBS Engineered Products, said: “The flood defence upgrade means raising existing earth embankments and walls, as well as installing our glass wall flood and flood gates protection system, to ensure views out to the Severn Estuary are retained. The new flood defences will allow for sea level rise caused by anticipated climate change to ensure flood risk is reduced for at least 60 years.”

The main construction work is scheduled to start in Summer 2020 on a phased basis until 2024, and IBS will be involved throughout the project as needed.

For information about IBS Engineered Products’ range of floodgates or other flood defence solutions, please call 01302 630015.


The above image is an example of an IBS Glass Wall – THIS IS NOT A PROJECT IMAGE OF AVONMOUTH