Osmo Concrete Oil @osmo_uk

Osmo Concrete Oil @osmo_uk

Introducing Osmo Concrete Oil, a clear, satin impregnation oil that is designed to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete, artificial and natural stone, screed and unglazed tiles. Providing a warm and rich colour, the finish is intended for use on wall panelling and flooring in kitchen and bathrooms, and on tabletops, windowsills and kitchen worktops.

Made from natural oils and waxes, Concrete Oil is a microporous and breathable finish that penetrates the surface, rather than forming a film on top of it. This prevents the finish from cracking, peeling, flaking or blistering. Once treated, the surface becomes water and dirt repellent a well as stain resistant.

“We are noticing a shift in the type of surfaces that are being installed in residential and commercial properties,” comments Steve Grimwood, Owner of Osmo UK. “Concrete can provide an interesting design feature internally, but the surface needs to be treated so that it remains in good condition and has a warm colour to it. We are pleased to introduce Concrete Oil to the market, as this finish will provide specifiers, DIYers, and contractors with a high-quality product that will tick both boxes of protecting and enhancing the surface.”

Osmo Concrete Oil is ready to use straight from the tin – it does not need to be thinned – it just requires stirring. Before application, the surface must be absorbent, clean, dry and frost-free.  By using an Osmo Flat Brush, Floor Brush, Oil Finish Applicator Fleece (Hand Pad Holder) or Microfibre Roller, apply the finish very thinly and spread it well across the surface. Any excess product should be removed with a pad or a lint-free cloth, or on larger areas, use a rubber scraper and polish with a buffing machine (white pad). Ventilate the room well and leave the finish to dry for 8 – 10 hours, at which point, a thin second coat can be applied.

Osmo Concrete Oil is for use on:

  • All types of interior concrete (exposed concrete)
  • Absorbent artificial stone
  • Screed
  • Microporous, natural stone with a polished, sanded or break surface
  • Unglazed tiles

For more information of Osmo Concrete Oil, take a look at Osmo’s website!

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