Mirrored Cabinets from KEUCO @KeucoUK

Don’t be left in the dark – let the Royal Modular 2.0 light the way Introducing the Royal Modular 2.0 from KEUCO; a stylish modern cabinet that combines state-of-
the-art technology, such as intelligent LED lighting with adaptable storage and modern design

There’s a saying ‘one size fits all’ but in the case of the Royal Modular 2.0 it’s one cabinet to fit all
sizes. With widths of 500mm now through to 2100mm, options of two heights and two depths,
recessed or wall mounted and the option to be with or without illumination this cabinet can be
designed to fit any bathroom wall and match any size of washbasin.

The Royal Modular 2.0 Cabinet with EDITON 90 fixtures and fittings to complete the layout.
The iLook Move cosmetic mirror is positioned on the wall .

Because the Royal Modular 2.0 is available in so many versions it does not mean it falls behind in any
aspect of design or technology. Intelligent LED lighting is integrated horizontally at the top and
bottom of each cabinet. The lights are easily adjusted to provide a brighter daylight white light
when needed, for example when shaving or applying make-up. A softer gentle warm yellow shade is
available for other times of the day; whatever time and which ever shade of white is selected the
lighting produced is both shadow and glare free.



The cabinet has mirrors on both sides of the doors, the shelves within the interior of the cabinet are
made with tinted glass, whilst the rear of the cabinet is white glass. This makes it easy to see the
contents and clean the inside.

Personalisation is one of the key elements of the Royal Modular 2.0. It easy to alter to suit a persons
needs as the interior shelves can be easily adjusted to cater for the heights of different bottles and
jars. In addition the soft close doors can be adapted to close as slowly or as quickly as needed.
Royal Modular 2.0 with adjustable tinted glass shelving

Specific practical design elements which have been added to the Royal Modular 2.0 cabinets.


 A magnifying cosmetic mirror has been added, this can be attached to the interior
shelves, the doors or an external surface.
 Magnetic strips on the interior ensure that smaller beauty items are stored safely and are easy to find.
 Secure power sockets and usb ports are safely hidden within the body of the cabinet, enablling you to charge your mobile even in the bathroom

Full details on the Royal Modular 2.0 from KEUCO are available on their website: