As part of a wide scale refurbishment project from Enfield Council, Langley Structures Ltd delivered a series of Flat to Pitched (FTP) roof conversions across multiple residential premises in New Southgate. This project recently won RCI’s Pitched Roofing Awards for ‘best use of a flat to pitch system’.

The project saw the conversion applied to seven buildings located on Bowes Road, Cross Road and Massey Close in Enfield, as part of the larger ‘New Southgate’ refurbishment being carried out in the area. Approved in 2010, the New Southgate regeneration project provides quality homes, local shops and community services across the neighbourhood.

Langley Structures worked alongside Playle & Partners LLP’s, who provided lead architectural services as well as project management, contract administration, quantity surveying and principle designer roles. ENGIE, Langley Structures’ Approved Contractor, delivered the regeneration solution.

“We have had a positive experience working with Langley on this project from design stages through to completion on site”, commented Sarah Primarolo, Architect at Playle & Partners LLP. “The regular inspection correspondence and site progress photographs were particularly helpful.”

By implementing the FTP conversions, Enfield Council’s properties benefit from enhanced aesthetics, but also a longer life cycle to the roofs and an increase to the overall value of the premises. In addition, the roof now has improved drainage and external rainwater run-off, which will avoid future damage and repair costs from internal drainage leaks and blockage.

New external rainwater gutters and downpipes were connected to new soakaways (BRE Digest 365) diverting rainwater from roofs from joining the existing combined foul and surface drainage. This reduction in rainwater volume relieves demand on an old drainage system.

Residents benefit from the advantages of FTP conversions by providing elements such as improved thermal performance, reducing the heating demand within the building’s interior.

One building on Bowes Road had a unique installation change as an essential health and safety measure whilst undergoing an FTP. Langley designed hot rolled transfer steels for ENGIE to close off a large light well at flat roof level within the newly constructed pitched roof void.

Within the communal stair core roof, existing apertures were used to incorporate a new sun tube to allow natural light into the building and to maintain daylight savings due to existing light well decommissioned – this also enabled the team to introduce a new automated passive smoke extract to the communal areas.

By using the existing apertures, it also meant reducing building and decorative works externally and internally for the client and reducing disturbance to those living in the building.

A fire rated duct provided a sealed riser to the automated louvre mounted on a roof top kerb. The smoke louvre powder coating finish was matched with the predominate two-tone terracotta tile colour to reduce the visual impact on the roofline.

Langley Structures’ own in-house design team began by providing initial surveys of the existing premises, including drawings of both the existing and proposed designs to assist with feasibility and planning. Roof cores were taken to determine the existing roof’s construction and assembly, as well as dead load and wind calculations to assess the fixing pattern and pull out resistance required for the new roof design load.

“Enfield council and Playle and Partners LLP selected a roofing specialist with the skills and expertise to provide options on flat roof renewal or flat to pitched conversion”, stated David Gatehouse, Head of Langley Structures Ltd. “Having worked previously with us on similar projects, we were able to assist in every step of this conversion, from design through to installation by ENGIE. Bowes Road is a great example of how FTP conversion contributes to the regeneration of an area, whilst extending the maintenance cycle of the building itself, and we look forward to working with Enfield council further on future projects”.

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