UK’s leading sustainable decking firm launches industry-first software @Composite_Prime

The UK’s leading brand of sustainable composite decking and cladding products, Composite Prime, has launched a free online platform to virtually plan and design outdoor spaces.

The Yorkshire-based business has invested £20,000 in Prime Design, a piece of innovative software which allows homeowners to independently design their garden. It has also been created for landscaping professionals, Composite Prime stockists and installers to obtain a realistic, 3D-rendered view of their decking products, prior to installation.

The industry-first software, which can be accessed via the Composite Prime website, allows users to virtually construct a decking project, using different colour options, products and sizes, to generate a full bill of materials and provide professionals with a detailed quote for their customers.

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Charles Taylor, Sales Director at Composite Prime, saeid “We’re really excited to be able to introduce our industry-first software, Prime Design. Particularly during a time where face to face consultations can not be undertaken, it’s a very valuable tool for consumers, our team of professional installers and our stockists.

“We hope the software will support our growing community of Composite Prime installers and make their jobs far easier, supporting them during a challenging period. The software is unique in that it allows users to design a deck in just five minutes, a job that would usually take more than an hour to complete manually.

“Gardens have become a valued extension of the home since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged and people are more willing than ever to spend money on enhancing their living spaces. There is huge potential for the platform which allows users to demonstrate the potential of outdoor spaces before making a significant investment.”

Plans for the future of Prime Design include a software upgrade which will allow users to upload images of their garden and create an accurate view of how a project will look once completed.

To register your interest in using Prime Design please visit