MILWAUKEE ® is committed to creating innovative solutions that help users stay safe and stay productive on the jobsite. With over 100 new solutions, when it comes to personal protective equipment, Milwaukee ® has you covered.

We caught up with Hélène Wurges, Junior Product Manager PPE EMEA for Milwaukee Tool to find out a little more about Milwaukee’s new PPE range, what makes them different, and how they have been shaped by user feedback, direct from the jobsite.

Why is PPE equipment so important for Milwaukee ® ?
HW: Safety is our primary concern on the jobsite, and we believe the safer a jobsite is, the more productive it becomes. We’re constantly striving for the latest technology when it comes to developing what we believe are finest professional hand tools on the market, so we applied that same relentless approach to developing our new PPE range.

Can you tell us a little about Milwaukee’s new PPE range?
HW: Traditionally, Personal Protective Equipment has seen little innovation over the years, and this has meant that users are often driven to self- modify their gear to better meet their needs. We wanted to take a different approach and create a range from the ground up because to put it simply, at Milwaukee ® , we’re a little obsessed by innovation! Our range has been driven and shaped by feedback from our users on the jobsite, and now encompasses over 100 PPE solutions covering everything from safety glasses, to cut resistant gloves, respirators, and heavyweight lanyards.

Are there any particular innovations you are proud of?
HW: I’m particularly proud of the products that can prevent injuries or even fatalities. We looked at the statistics and discovered that falling objects such as dropped tools were the 3rd highest cause of jobsite fatalities. We’ve therefore developed a range of Locking Tool Lanyards that enable users to safely secure their tools to their person and prevent droppages. The lanyards range in weight bearing force all the way up to 15.8kg, so cover a vast range of tools across so many trade applications.

Our users often demand flexibility from their PPE. What features have been added that allow users to adapt to the varying demands of their trades?
HW: Our High Visibility Performance Safety Vests are absolutely packed with features that allow users to adapt to changing needs and conditions on site. These were shaped by concerns from the jobsite perhaps more than any other product in the range. We listened to what users needed and adapted the features of the vests accordingly. To reduce pressure around the neck, we added a padded collar. We included 15 pockets for storage including a rear pocket to keep tablets safely out of the way when they’re not in use. We’ve also built in an internal size adjustment which enables you to use the same vest over a t-shirt in the summer or over a jacket in the winter, adding to the products’ versatility.

The core focus of Milwaukee ® continues to be the creation of a completely cordless jobsite, by eliminating cords, we can vastly reduce associated trip hazards and make the jobsite a far safer place to work. However, we believe that developments in safety should not be limited to technology, which is why we’ve poured the same relentless eye for detail and innovation into developing our range of PPE. Every item is designed with a sense of purpose and intended to solve a jobsite problem, such as safety glasses with fog-free lenses that can be worn comfortably all day.

It is this no compromise approach to everything we do, that we believe makes Milwaukee ® products the choice of the demanding trade professional.

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