Your building project is near completion. You are feeling confident in your plans to mitigate risks that might derail your handover date. Yet one circumstance, snagging, is often an afterthought and under-budgeted despite being completely foreseeable. All because it takes place in the final phase of the building process. Accidental or so-called ‘unexpected’ damage is a normal part of the rough and tumble of the build and rectifying it is not only the responsibility of the builder but is essential to meet the expectations of your client.  Only during the snagging inspection does the scale of remedies required become apparent as well as the urge to cut corners and rush repairs.

It is imperative that snagging issues are remedied promptly and to a standard that assists you to handover to client ‘defect free’.  Your odds of achieving that successfully and without financial penalties are greatly enhanced by choosing the right supplier. Magicman has the skill sets, staff numbers and longevity to ensure you can book far in advance with full confidence. Each Magicman repair technician is trained to repair any form of damage to all hard surfaces. This includes accidental damage, wear and tear, vandalism, poor workmanship due to labour shortages or labour quality and perhaps unsurprisingly, the unsuccessful repairs of others.

Our technicians arrive on site fully prepared. They carry with them all the kit necessary to carry out any and all repairs that our customers require. This includes multiple types of repairs to many different substrates within one booking, leading to greater time and cost efficiencies. Many contractors are simply unaware of the quality of restoration work achievable today and of the environmental benefits or repairing in-situ over sourcing and installing replacement. Smart operators utilise Magicman when carrying out refurbs in order to restore items that are perfectly serviceable but are showing their age. This allows their clients to divert cost saving to other areas and, by reducing waste, contribute to environmental targets.

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Early intervention and collaboration with Magicman means an end to rushed paperwork. Framework agreements between main and sub-contractors are available on an annual basis.

Magicman invest in training, health and safety standards and fully audited certification including ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. Other accreditations include Worksafe Contractor, Constructionline, CHAS, Safemark, Achilles and Builder’s Profile.

As the originator of on-site repairs almost 30 years ago, Magicman have had to create and develop their own training programme which is only open to future employees (conditional on a successful graduation from the course). Our programme prioritises the quality of repairs and health and safety standards as well as customer service, through an extensive 5 week course at our residential Training Academy in Sussex. Trainees learn all Magicman repair and restoration techniques to all hard surfaces including wood, laminate, uPVC, powdercoat, ceramics, vitreous china, marble, stone and brick. We teach perfect colour matching by eye and glass polishing and glass chip repairs. Early notification of surface colour and texture requirements such as RAL numbers means we can respond even faster.

For a no-obligation quote, please contact 0345 458 1010 or email your snagging list to [email protected]. Site visits are also available.

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