A unique toilet pump solution for convoluted discharge pipe runs @PumpTechLtd

A unique toilet pump solution for convoluted discharge pipe runs @PumpTechLtd

In the ever-growing market of extensions, additional cloakrooms and garden offices, drainage for the facilities can sometimes present a real problem!

When the desired toilet discharge pipe run exceeds the specified pumping parameters of a “basic” back of toilet macerator, pumping long horizontal distances straight from the back of the toilet, a double lift (horizontally, then vertical, horizontal again and then vertical again), or even up a slope, there is now a solution.

The unique, German engineered, FlushMaster toilet waste pumping unit from Pump Technology Ltd. will handle all of these situations with ease. The powerful motor with its free-flow vortex impeller pump is designed to generate the high pumping head and flow needed to overcome these convoluted pipe runs. It can reliably discharge waste from a toilet, bidet, washbasin or shower where others can’t. Additionally, it features deliberately large clearances between the pump inlet and tank floor, making it considerably more tolerant of user abuse.

In the event of a problem the FlushMaster features some simple solutions. There is an integral acoustic alarm with the option of volt-free contacts for coupling with a remote alarm or BMS to indicate that some maintenance is required. Then, to unclog the vortex impeller, simply insert a screw driver into the top of the motor/pump shaft (to do this it is not even necessary to remove the cover) and reverse its direction. The clogged item will probably drop free.! For more stubborn blockages, simply remove two screws, twist and lift the complete motor/pump assembly away, leaving the tank connected to the toilet. Any foreign objects can be clearly seen and removed.

The FlushMaster is supplied with all fittings and instructions for direct mounting behind the toilet. However, it can also be positioned behind a partition wall.

To find out if the FlushMaster is right for a particular application, ask the Pump Technology Ltd. team. It can also be ordered online from LeeSan Ltd, which is a group company.

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