Out with Old Hybrid in with New TRIBRID® @CTec_NI_Ltd

CT1 – The UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive – Unique TRIBRID® Technology.

CT1 has been notably considered and voted as the Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive in the UK, and been the market leader for almost 18 years.

The first to introduce the term and technology hybrid polymer, turned the industry on its head by introducing a product that replaces several products in just 1 tube.

CT1, which replaces all other silicones, sanitary and butyl rubber sealants. CT1 replaces mastic, wood and P.U adhesives. Trades people, all across the UK now only need one tube as opposed to several for a job. But as we know it’s not just why the trade buy CT1.

CT1 which boasts over 25 accreditations, guarantees to work first time all the time. Due to its unique formula, CT1 has no solvents and guarantees never to shrink or crack. Never having to revisit a job.

Never resting on their laurels, and always the first to introduce latest technology, CT1’s research and development department which never sleeps, realised that hybrid technology was now dated and the industry wanted more from hybrid polymers. Clear hybrid polymer’s conventionally yellowed over time, a common gripe with tradespeople. Often the white discoloured. Painting over hybrid’s could also be problematic with a pink tinge seeping through.

Realising this, CT1 have introduced TRIBRID® This unique formulation has now surpassed the hybrid formulations. CT1 is now 3 times stronger. It has been tested on all building materials and the tests are outstanding. Each test on each substrate, outperformed hybrid’s by 3 times. Tests carried out under BS EN ISO 8339:2005, showed Brick to Copper, 251% stronger than hybrid, Brick to Wood, 357% times stronger than Hybrid. The elongation of TRIBRID® and extension at break has never been seen before in the industry. TRIBRID®  outperforming old hybrid technology has over 25 accreditations making CT1 still the most eco compliant and healthiest choice of sealant on the market.

Not only that, but the colour retention of both white and clear outperforms hybrids, the TRIBRID® has colour retention up to 25 years under the correct environments. CT1 recently has been also awarded yet another accreditation SINTEF which adds to CT1’s crown of being the most environmentally friendly sealant on the market.  SINTEF is a certification to prove documentation of health and environmental characteristics of construction products related to relevant environmental requirements in the Norwegian Market.

CT1 which is made in Britain with British technology and design, guarantees quality and a local technical service, which proves popular for local building authorities  and project managers when looking for technical advice on site. Various projects across the UK, national landmarks, attractions and public buildings have been saved, restored and built using CT1. CT1 was the only one specified, the only product capable of performing under certain tough elements and environments. The Wave in Bristol is one such attraction. The Wave is the first inland-surfing destination of its kind, but also a marvel in engineering, creating real waves inland used for both training at Olympic level and tourist attraction. CT1 was the only sealant and adhesive that past all required test’s and the only one capable of performing in such harsh and difficult conditions.

Diana’s memorial fountain, The London Eye, The Olympic Village and many more. This is why all leading independents and nationals have full profiles of CT1. Travis Perkins, Wickes, Jewson’s, Toolstation, Buildbase all profile the latest technology. TRIBRID® from CT1.

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