Lindapter fire rated range of Decking Fixings @Lindapter

Lindapter fire rated range of Decking Fixings @Lindapter

At the request of the UK Sales Engineers Lindapter commissioned BRE Global Ltd to assess the performance of a number of decking fixing products when subjected to a standard fire exposure whilst under a specified load. The performance was assessed in terms of their ability to maintain the load under prescribed heating conditions.

The decking fixings were installed into concrete backed composite decking profiles using M8 threaded rod (property class 8.8) and tightened to our recommended torque as per our installation instructions. A specified load as outlined in the table below was hung from the fixing and exposed to the standard fire curve according to BS EN 1991-1-2. Tests were repeated and the failure time was recorded as the time when the fixing can no longer sustain the suspended load.

In all but one test the failure mode was recorded as thermal expansion of the composite deck which led to the deformation of the re-entrant and ultimately loosening of the fixing.

Below are the load limits and exposure times based on the tests performed for a 60 minute and 90 minute fire rating, please note that these are absolute values.

Temperature (°C)945°C1006°C
Test Duration (mins)60 minutes (F60)90 minutes (F90)
Product TypeTensile load (kN)Tensile load (kN)

*Calculated values based on tests performed on similar designed products

For standard safe working loads with factors of safety at ambient temperature please refer to the Lindapter website.

In addition to the above, Lindapter’s range of decking fixings are also considered to satisfy the requirements of performance class A1 (non-combustible) for the characteristic Reaction to Fire, in accordance with the EC decision 96/603/EC.

The BRE Global test report P116310 Issue 1 is attached and available on request.

More information on Lindapter products and their fire ratings can be found on the company’s website:

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