Prolojik lends it Expertise to WiredScore

Prolojik lends it Expertise to WiredScore

Prolojik the leader of intuitive smart control solutions has been asked to join The WiredScore Smart Council, the expertise of Prolojik will help define the criteria of how lighting and control solutions will be assessed in buildings.

Prolojik helps to deliver a connected future by creating innovative light and data solutions for people and property to work in harmony. The role that lighting plays in commercial buildings cannot be underestimated. So much more than a basic function, intelligent lighting and tailored controls can contribute to the productivity and wellbeing of occupants.

The WiredScore Smart Council will work with WiredScore to establish clear criteria and standards that properties must meet to be certified smart, helping landlords navigate the complex new world of smart buildings.

WiredScore’s mission is to make the world’s buildings smarter and better connected, to enable a more collaborative, innovative, and dynamic future. SmartScore is the global certification for smart buildings from WiredScore. The certification identifies best-in-class smart buildings that deliver exceptional user experiences, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability and are fully future-proof. The WiredScore smart council, a group of leading landlords, occupiers, and technical experts, was created and consulted throughout the development process of SmartScore and continues to be premier forum for smart building leadership, providing continued leadership and guidance on the evolution of SmartScore.

Asela Rodrigo Managing Director of Prolojik says:

As we head into a new era of connectivity in commercial buildings the joint benefits of standardisation and verification becomes all the more important. Occupiers, owners and developers need to know that what is specified and delivered fits the outcomes defined in the Employers Requirements and SmartScore will facilitate this in an independent platform. We are excited to participate in the SmartScore Council, helping define the assessment programme and input our unique perspective on the connectivity of spaces viewed from the lighting standpoint”.

Prolojik delivers intelligent, high quality, British-manufactured lighting control solutions, which are competitively priced and backed by excellent project management and customer service.

About Prolojik: Prolojik is an innovative business that enables specifiers, installers and users of lighting controls to harness its extensive network for other purposes. Prolojik combines open protocol technology with engineering expertise to create products to offer clients the most up-to-date solutions that can adapt and evolve, as experts around the world work on developing this shared technology, benefits include:

  • Smart, intuitive control solutions
  • Maximising energy and cost savings
  • Open protocol, future-proof, scalable solutions

All products are manufactured in the UK, to guarantee complete control over quality, whilst creating jobs and supporting British engineering and technology.

In 2015 Prolojik was the first company to launch Power Over Ethernet (POE) controls to the UK market, in the form of our award winning revolutionary LIGHTMATRIX system. Prolojik’s Proxima and Go products utilising Bluetooth networking have also been recognised for their technical and design innovation securing both Lux and red Dot design awards.

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