Experts at Howdens, the UK’s number one trade kitchen supplier, have published an online trend guide which focuses on what the four biggest kitchen trends of 2022 will be.

Looking at four trends – Calm Haven, Sensory Delight, Elegance and Crafted – each one has unique attributes and features that have been influenced and evolved from the big trends of 2021.

Tori Summers, Director of Product Design & Innovation at Howdens, says: “Our 2022 trend guide has been produced by our in-house experts who are responsible for developing our new products and who are at the forefront of making sure we continue to lead on trends and create kitchens that are highly desired .

“The guide is readily available to our customers for use as a talking point with homeowners, and as a way of showcasing what the big trends of 2022 will be.”

Each trend in the guide has its own colour palette, finishings, worktops, sinks and appliances to take the hassle of how to bring the trend to life in the home.

Tori Summers, Director of Product Design & Innovation at Howdens, gives a quick run-down of the new trends.

Calm Haven

“After a turbulent two years, 2022 is all about bringing a sense of calm into the home. Calm Haven is a trend that draws upon inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese interiors and centres itself in minimalist design to create a soothing atmosphere.  It’s about bringing together a soft colour palette, natural textures and muted finishes for a look that is understated and a haven from the outside world.”

Sensory Delight

“In contrast to the calming nature of Calm Haven, Sensory Delight is for those who love to be bold and want to celebrate their home as they welcome visitors back. This trend is defined by intense shades and tactile materials to offer a dramatic setting. Texture is brought to life with cabinets and doors, which is further enhanced with aged metallic accents and premium finishes for an indulgent edge.”


“People are investing in their home like never before because of the pandemic and spending a considerable amount of time in their home over the last two years. This has resulted in a trend for spaces that are elegant and sophisticated, and which bring a sense of luxury to their own home.

“This trend will develop over the next year, and take the form of ornate patterns, refined colours and opulent finishing touches such as marble and brass accents. This trend is also about features such as high-end tech and indulgent touches with no expense spared. Features we’ll see in this trend include hidden cocktail cabinets, in-built coffee machines, steam ovens and walk in pantry cupboards.”


“The natural world is becoming more important in our everyday lives as we become aware of the need to be more sustainable. It is also a mood booster, that can lift and calm us after a hectic day. This trend is about bringing in the influences of the natural world the home. It adopts natural textures, colours and materials that we often associate with the outdoors, including soft blues and greens that help to create a nurturing place to nest.”

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