Gilberts applies sustainability to value engineering

Gilberts applies sustainability to value engineering

A win:win situation is available to building services designers and contractors with revisions to Gilberts’ ground-breaking MFS hybrid ventilation unit.

As part of the company’s commitment to continuous evolution to offer better, greener solutions, the stand-alone ventilation, heating and cooling system has been value engineered.

Not only is the new version cheaper whilst retaining its quality and performance, it uses less steel. It also makes it lighter in weight, potentially reducing transport costs structural loadings (and potentially build costs).These make a positive contribution towards its embodied carbon.  Being lighter in weight, the new MFS further requires less labour effort to install.

These benefits compliment those eco-advantages already within the MFS concept. Gilberts’ MFS in effect works as a natural ventilation unit, only using its integral low energy fan to supplement airflow as conditions demand. MFS can be configured to run on 100% fresh air, using a LPHW coil to temper the air to provide Covid compliant ventilation without compromising the internal temperature. Integrated into the heating system- including heat pumps- Gilberts’ MFS can utilise the warmth generated from LPHW systems to warm or cool the internal space as needed without the need for radiators and all associated ancillary capital costs. As a solus ventilation unit, MFS costs as little as £5/room/year(1) to operate. Using it as the means of room heating adds just £2.19/room/year(1).

MFS has already been proven to help achieve BREEAM Excellent(2), contributing points towards Energy and Health & Wellbeing.

Installed through the external façade or window, Gilberts’ MFS mixes internal and external air to ventilate the internal space. A mixing damper within modulates airflow to allow the new, fresh air to mix with the warm exhaust air, thus extracting its heat without the need for an exchanger. The integrated low energy fan energises to blend the internal air, ensuring an even distribution of airflow without stratification. It gives control over temperature and CO2 levels within and maintenance of a comfortable internal environment for occupants.

Says Ian Rogers, Gilberts’ Sales Director, “With the drive towards reducing our carbon footprint, MFS gives everyone involved in the building services supply chain, including the end customer/building occupants a benefit. It is a genuine ‘win:win’, whether new build, refurbishment, re-purposing. The new MFS typifies Gilberts’ place as the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist, engineering from concept quality products that meet or anticipate market forces and deliver for the environmental agenda.”

Full details of the MFS system can be found on Gilberts’ website, where BIM calculations and CAD drawings are also available for download.

(1) at current energy prices
(2) Oceansgate, Plymouth

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