Mortar Buoy® increases speed and saves money

Mortar Buoy® increases speed and saves money

UltraCrete’s latest product innovation, Mortar Buoy®, has been used by AL Civils to reinstate a CW2 cover on a busy Shropshire road.


AL Civils, experienced utility contractors, have many years of experience reinstating and repairing access covers across the north west of England. As part of their routine repair works, AL Civils were required to reinstate a defected CW2 cover on a busy Shropshire road.

The Challenge

In order to provide the best possible results and minimise disruption to motorists, AL Civils were keen to try UltraCrete Mortar Buoy®, a ground-breaking access cover installation aid, to help increase speed, reduce costs and make the installation process less labour intensive.

The Solution

AL Civils specified Saint Gobain’s Install Plus installation method, which was used alongside UltraCrete Mortar Buoy® and Envirobed® CD534 Flowable.

UltraCrete Mortar Buoy® is an inflatable device that acts as a dam, allowing for a flowable mortar ironwork installation within seconds – revolutionising traditional methods.

The Mortar Buoy® inflatable dam prevents any mortar seeping into the access chamber providing an efficient and seamless finish to the bedding around the chamber. This allows a single pour installation of Envirobed® CD534 Flowable, which encapsulates the flange of the access frame creating a solid bed and backfill in one.

UltraCrete Mortar Buoy® is so easy to use, simply hold in place and inflate, and is guaranteed to save you time on-site as there is no waiting around for the dam to dry. Mortar Buoy® can be wiped clean and re-used on a number of installations and is available in 5 sizes to accommodate all ironwork and gully reinstatements.

“Mortar Buoy® seems to be the future – no more messing around with damming mortar. Great products and innovations as always.” Michael Day, Area Manager at AL Civils.

The reinstatement took place on a busy non-residential road on a mild, rainy November day in Malpas, Shropshire.

The Results

“Innovative products make our life so much easier. Mortar Buoy®, Envirobed® CD534 Flowable and QC10 F 100% makes life easier and saves money.”  Michael Day, Area Manager at AL Civils.

For more information on Mortar Buoy®, Envirobed® CD534 Flowable and the other materials available from UltraCrete, please visit, email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1827 254402.

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