Kelly Tanks – Safe and Compliant On-Site Waste Water-Treatment @KellyTanksLtd

Kelly Tanks – Safe and Compliant On-Site Waste Water-Treatment @KellyTanksLtd

Kelly Tanks remain consistent in releasing new products to help ensure safe and compliant waste-water treatment on building sites across the UK and overseas. The well-established CWS Concrete Washout is still the product of choice for washing off concrete wagons and equipment onsite and demand grows for KT’s Water Treatment tanks and systems for filtration and/or separation alongside their popular range of modular Dosing Units used for monitoring and controlling pH & TSS levels and/or providing proportional chemical dosing.

Later this year Kelly Tanks will exhibit at the UK Concrete Show in May and Hillhead in June where they are expected to showcase their latest developments in Concrete Washout & Water Treatment.


  • Designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry
  • Fast and Simple to Set up
  • Small Footprint equipment available
  • Units can be linked to handle range of flows, pumps sizes & particle characteristics
  • Easy to Maintain and Monitor equipment
  • Reduce off-site disposal costs
  • Reduce risk of pollution
  • Easy to use equipment

Kelly Tanks recently reviewed their Adsorption Sacks against others on the market and have included their findings below:

Getting the sack!! We trialled our Adsorption Sacks against alternatives on the market and put together a few things to consider when choosing your sacks (and knowing when to sack it off!)…

Not all liners are the same. Every sack trialled had a different liner, predominantly felt, woven or non-woven polypropylene, ‘punched’ and ‘peanut’ materials. Most drained relatively fast but retained minimal solid, some drained slow, retaining more solids and others were blinded by the solids leaving them full of water and not draining at all. Our Adsorption Sacks allowed the fast flow of effluent while retaining the solids and the TSS of the outflow water speaks for itself, shown here:

Filtering, Absorbing and Adsorbing are not the same. Most sacks on the market are essentially a builder’s sacks with a felt liner sewn in. We found these to be the least effective, allowing fast flow but retaining the least solids. Absorbing liners were extremely effective in retaining solids but quickly became ‘blinded’ and no longer allowed water to flow through as Absorption allows solids to be absorbed by the liner (and stay there). Adsorption enables solids to simply attach to the surface of the liner, eventually becoming heavy enough to drop into the sack leaving the liner clear to continue filtering. Our Adsorption sacks were most effective and proved the longest lasting.

In conclusion, most ‘filtration’ sacks are a type of ‘builders sacks’ with a liner for filtration but they don’t all give the same results. If you want the most effective sack, give Kelly Tanks a call.

And just in case you need further convincing; you can see our Sacks in action on our website

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