Specialist Hand Protection for Construction Workers @MCRSafety

Specialist Hand Protection for Construction Workers @MCRSafety

MCR Safety and Tornado Gloves lead the way in safety gloves; they provide specialist hand protection designed for different hazards and working conditions experienced in the Construction Industry.

Keep Working Hands Warm

It can be very cold working on site, it’s vital to keep your hands warm and comfortable – normal gloves are not the answer!

Zestos offers high cut and abrasion resistance for serious protection with a soft thermal lining to keep you warm.

WL1048HP is lightweight and flexible for more intricate tasks with a thermal lining and water repellent outer. It’s available in palm or fully coated options.

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Environment Specific Solutions

Servicing or fuelling plant machinery or handling smaller equipment usually means contact with oil and grease causing hazard through loss of grip.

Gloves in the Oil-Teq range provide a barrier against oil and liquid at two different protection levels.

Oil-Teq 1 has a fine construction for precision handling.

Oil-Teq 5 is more robust with cut protection at EN388 level ‘C’ and additional reinforcement between thumb and forefinger.

When it’s damp, tools and materials are difficult to handle creating hazard. GP1005LD has a latex coating which forms a barrier against moisture penetration.

All three gloves have maximum abrasion resistance and offer great comfort and dexterity.

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Impact Protection

Heavy objects are an obvious danger in construction, especially on demolition sites with the risk of falling masonry.

MCR Safety’s impact protection gloves have robust armour to shield the back of your hand. It’s made from TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), an ideal material for impact protection because it’s incredibly tough yet also surprisingly supple.

IP1052NS Impact Protection Glove comes with a Sandy Nitrile coating for powerful grip and IP1052NF has a full coating of Nitrial Foam to form a 360° barrier against liquid penetration.

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High Durability Nitrile Air Coating

MCR Safety’s premium Nitrile Air coating enables extreme durability, flexibility and breathability. All essential for a construction site.

These attributes work together to provide superior comfort for the wearer.

There are many gloves in the range with this coating, all designed with different protective properties, here are just a few examples.

CT1062NA – Medium Cut protection level ‘B’ with no glass fibre, 18-gauge featherweight shell and touch-screen fingertips.

CT1063NA – High Cut protection level ‘C’ with no glass fibre, 15-gauge lightweight shell and touch-screen fingertips.

CT1064NA – High Cut protection level ‘D’ with no glass fibre, 18-gauge featherweight shell and touch-screen fingertips.

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General Handling

It’s important to protect your hands even for every-day tasks. MCR Safety has a huge range of General Handling gloves, GP1005NA and Contour Avenger are particularly favoured by the construction Industry.

GP1005NA has Nitrile Air coating for comfort, a ultra-lightweight 15-gauge shell for precision handling and touch-screen fingertips for easy use of tech and equipment.

Contour Avenger has a premium NBR Rubber coating for excellent grip and sensitive handling ability. Its 15-gauge nylon shell fits your hand like a second-skin allowing you to perform delicate tasks and more heavy-duty work too.

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Protective Eyewear

MCR Safety also have a full range of protective eyewear and prescription safety eyewear.


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