Build your own cleanroom with Guardtech’s revolutionary new Isopod Configurator tool

Build your own cleanroom with Guardtech’s revolutionary new Isopod Configurator tool

Controlled environment innovators unveil exciting online software allowing users to create a bespoke rapid-assembly cleanroom

THE GUARDTECH GROUP have unveiled a revolutionary new online tool which allows users to configure their very own cleanroom.

 The award-winning Suffolk-based company have continued their recent trend of developing innovative cleanroom solutions with the software, which gives potential controlled environment clients the chance to select the different structural, mechanical and electrical components in their own bespoke Isopod Rapid Cleanroom.

 After choosing between a Hardwall, Softwall or Hybrid base model, users can select the unit’s size, frame material, flooring swatch and glazing, as well the ISO class, lighting level, environmental control and environmental monitoring set-up.

 The Isopod Configurator even allows users to fit out their cleanroom with a range of furniture & equipment options and then book both installation and validation through Guardtech’s team of experienced Installation Engineers – all with just a few clicks of a mouse!

 This innovative tool will take what can be a complicated and confusing process and streamline it for Guardtech’s contented customer base.

 Forward-thinking Commercial Director Mark Wheeler first came up with the idea of developing the Configurator as he wanted to make the cleanroom-buying sales process as smooth as possible for future clients.

 “I’m delighted to launch our Isopod Configurator,” he said. “We spend a lot of time thinking about new ways to make our customer journeys as straightforward, simple and enjoyable as possible. We realise how important it is to put our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do – and this new tool is just another step towards us offering the complete cleanroom package.”

 You can access the Isopod Configurator directly via or by visiting ­– and Mr Wheeler is urging anyone interested in potentially buying a new cleanroom to check it out.

 “We encourage a lot of our customers to sketch out the type of cleanroom they think they need,” he added, “but this tool is a neat and effective way to quickly visualise their concept, see what they could be getting and decide whether or not it does the job they require.

 “Even if you’re looking for a controlled environment on a grander scale, I’d recommend trying out our Configurator first, as it will just help to give you a bit of insight into the key considerations of your build.

 “We can then work with you to determine whether or not Isopod is the solution for you, or if a Guardtech Cleanrooms modular build or Cleanroom Solutions turnkey package might be more appropriate.”  

For more information on the Guardtech Group, visit, email [email protected] or call 0330 113 0303.

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