New RiserDeck Cast-in System – Safer Floors. Sooner

New RiserDeck Cast-in System – Safer Floors. Sooner

Eliminates the risk that a riser void presents with Step on Safety’s exclusive NEW GRP system while saving you time and money.

The modular units are built to your specification in the Step on Safety workshop and delivered to site BEFORE the floors are poured. Simply tie them into place and pour the concrete. The Cast-In Service Riser Floor System – until now only available in steel – reduces the risk of falls from height because there is never a void. They are also up to 20% cheaper and 50% faster – installed months earlier in the construction process – than using the traditional post-fix system which is installed AFTER the building floors are poured. What’s more, they are supplied by SoS but installed by the concrete contractor as the building goes up which means one less team onsite and fewer delays.

Made entirely from GRP using Step on Safety’s exclusive profile with stainless steel fixings, the modular floors are light enough to be manhandled into position. The GRP Mesh Grating is easily cut on site as required for the services. Every unit is made with a Safe Working Load of 5kN/m2 – twice the industry standard.

The system comprises a specially engineered, exclusive GRP profile used to create a frame; this comes as a standard depth of 300mm but can be cut down to suit. Once a frame is made, 38mm yellow GRP Mini Mesh Grating is cut to fit and dropped onto the frame. They then add a temporary Corex cover to stop concrete or other debris falling through it. Once the floor is poured, the RiserDeck Cast-in units provide a non-slip, non-trip floor surface that can be traversed safely from day one. The hi-vis yellow finish alerts workers to the change in surface, ensuring vehicles don’t drive across it in error.

If provided with a plan of the services going into the riser, extra joists can be added to each unit prior to delivery to ensure the strength is maintained once holes are cut. Alternatively, they can be installed at a later date.

By choosing GRP for your riser floors you’re already reducing the costs of manpower and lifting equipment. By choosing RiserDeck Cast-in you save even more:

  • No riser protection required
  • No specialist installation team required
  • No install towers required
  • No time or material wasted creating shuttering
  • No return visits as services are installed

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