GDG appointed for Rossaveel Deep Water Quay Development

GDG appointed for Rossaveel Deep Water Quay Development

Specialist offshore engineering and design consultancy, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions Ltd (GDG), with their specialist dredging subconsultants, Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP), are delighted to announce that they have been appointed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) to undertake the detailed design, tender and construction phases of the Rossaveel Deep Water Quay Development, at Rossaveel Fishery Harbour Centre (FHC), Co. Galway.

Rossaveel FHC is located on the north-east shore of Cashla Bay, approximately 40km west of Galway city, serving the fishing fleets that operate off the coast of Galway. The existing harbour at Rossaveel is constrained, as no deep-water facilities are currently available to accommodate modern fishing vessels, which continue to increase in size as the industry trends towards larger and more sophisticated boats. To address this, the construction of a new 200m long quay and associated dredging to provide -10m CD on berth (Chart Datum) and -7m CD in the navigation, has been agreed. A reclamation area will also be constructed directly behind the quay, which will provide connectivity from the quay to the existing onshore facilities at the harbour. The development of the harbour infrastructure will attract additional vessel activity and therefore create local employment opportunities in rural Ireland.

Since 2018, GDG and ADBP have worked with DAFM to develop the conceptual engineering of the proposed deep-water facilities at Rossaveel FHC. GDG’s role has included the preparation of a peer review report, aimed at providing alternative concept design options, analysis of the wave climate and loading conditions and associated ship navigation simulations, optimisation of dredge volumes, and general development of an efficient conceptual design for the deep-water infrastructure. ADBP has provided technical and contractual advice relating to the dredging aspects of the scheme.

Both GDG and ADBP are excited to be collaborating with the team in DAFM, to help deliver the design and construction phases of the project and the benefits that the deep-water berth will bring to the communities on the west coast of Ireland.

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