Things To Look Out For When Buying Used Forklifts For Your Construction Business

Things To Look Out For When Buying Used Forklifts For Your Construction Business

Construction equipment does not come cheap, which is why many construction businesses choose to buy used or refurbished forklifts. Whatever your reason for buying used forklifts, this article explores the things you should look out for, so you can walk away with a quality forklift that works as it should.  

Check The Sellers Reputation

Whenever you are purchasing used equipment, find out if the seller has a good reputation by checking reviews and accreditation. If they have never sold a used forklift before, this is where you should start to worry, as you could be taking a risk purchasing from a random seller who does not have experience in selling construction machinery.

Multy Lift is a refurbished forklift business with over 30 years of experience. They have a range of refurbished forklifts for sale in the UK with nationwide delivery and ISO accreditation. It is always best to buy forklifts from a trusted supplier like this one.

Assess Your Business Needs

As used machines are cheaper, it is easy to become so attracted to the price of the machine that you forget to check if the forklift is the right choice for your business. The make and model must suit your operational needs, otherwise, there is not much point in getting it.

You also need to consider the clearance space that would be needed for the forklift to operate on your construction ground. Conduct a site survey beforehand or see if the seller can do this for you.

Ask To See The History Of The Forklift

As with any machinery, a used forklift has likely gone through works and services to keep it in full working order. Before you buy any used machinery, ask to see the history of the forklift. You should also know about forklift maintenance and servicing, so you have more of an idea of what to look for.

You want to know if any parts have been recently replaced, as this is a good sign that the machinery is going to be working properly for longer. If the seller does not have the history of the forklift, avoid it at all costs, as they could be trying to sell a faulty machine.

Take It For A Test Drive

Even with a thorough history of the machine, it is still important to take the forklift for a test drive before purchasing, especially when buying used. If you are not a trained forklift driver yourself, get someone from your business to come with you and test the machinery or find out how to become a forklift driver in the UK.

This is not just a case of driving it around. You want to test every part, from the lift mast to the lights. Make sure that every part is in full working order before making a deal, or you could end up with a dodgy machine that you can’t return.

There are many benefits of buying a used forklift for your construction business. Before buying your first used forklift, follow this guide to ensure that you make a good deal and do not leave yourself with a machine that does not work properly.

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