Abode supports Healthy Home pop-up at Westfield London

Abode supports Healthy Home pop-up at Westfield London

A biophilic-designed home pop-up space to inspire visitors to design their homes with sustainability and wellness in mind

Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen taps, sinks, bathroom taps & showering solutions is proud to support the first-ever Healthy Home pop-up at Westfield London, curated by renowned sustainable and wellness designer, Oliver Heath.

The Healthy Home pop-up took place on 19 – 22 May, providing a series of mindful and restorative interior spaces where visitors could explore and discover the benefits of biophilic design including a garden, dining room, living room, bedroom, work and exercise room set. With products and interior schemes ranging from multi-sensory through to supporting biodiversity, Abode were tasked with showcasing a water supply and purification product within the installation that focussed on wellbeing, hydration and waste minimisation.

In response, the company supplied a sample water filter tap showing a future design, which is set to launch later in the year. Part of the multi award winning Aquifier Range of filtered water taps and solutions by Abode, this exclusive prototype featured a high resin filter so homeowners can enjoy fresh tasting water without the impurities, as only the healthy minerals which are good for the body are retained. The model was also flow limited to 5L per minute, showing how easy it is to reduce unnecessary water consumption without impact to the flow rate or water pressure. This, along with the energy efficient cold start valve offers end users big hot water savings, delivering only cold water when the tap is operated in the mid-lever position.

Sensitively designed, the tap presented an eco-inspired green finish and at point of supply, it was delivered to site using fully recyclable packaging to further limit waste to landfill. Also part of the company’s Filter Recycle Scheme 100% unique to Abode, customers benefitting from a filtered water tap can ensure that all redundant filters are recycled at end of life.

Leanne Adamson, Marketing Manager at Abode says, “Having the ability to connect directly with consumers who are keen to embrace wellbeing in the home is a fantastic opportunity, as we’re able to underline the importance of how filtered water can improve your health and wellbeing, as well as promote a more sustainable lifestyle. As wellness and sustainability continues to drive the conversation between designer and end user, we want to make sure we are supporting homeowners with a series of green rewards that are cost effective, provide massive environmental benefits, are health boosting and easy to maintain.”

Oliver Heath, Director at Oliver Heath Design, commented “Partnering with Westfield provides an exciting opportunity to bring biophilic design to life and showcase its benefits to Westfield’s diverse shopper groups. We spend an alarming 90% of our lives indoors, and so it is vital now more than ever to design spaces where we live, work, and learn by incorporating natural materials, natural light, and greenery to ensure our homes are restorative places. Working with the Westfield London’s home and interior brands means there’s a vast selection of accessible, eco and natural products and materials for visitors to be inspired from and help easily transform their home.”

When looking at the latest ONS research, results indicate that hybrid working patterns are proving more popular in light of the pandemic, and as the kitchen becomes an integral part of this design evolution, the wellness trend has firmly established itself as part of a larger, sweeping cultural movement in the home.

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