CT1 – Introduces the Brand New Recyclable Eco Cartridge!

CT1 – Introduces the Brand New Recyclable Eco Cartridge!

Leading the Industry Change for Environmental Improvement!

CT1, the UK’s Number 1 sealant and Adhesive is manufactured in Britain, with British Design and award-winning British Technology. Leaders in research and development, the company was the first to bring a Hybrid Polymer to market 20 years ago and has proudly introduced the revolutionary and environmentally complaint Tribrid® sealant and adhesive technology with explosive results.

CT1 is now leading the change for environmental improvements within the industry and is proactively taking the initiative to develop both recycled and 100% recyclable packaging for its full range of colours.

Creating long term sustainable solutions is at the very core of our products, service and relationships. We don’t simply have customers or suppliers, we build partnerships, growing together for long term mutual benefits. There is no greater benefit than a better environment for everyone.

CT1 Introduces Revolutionary New Eco-Compliant Cartridges!

CT1 is again leading the market once more with the introduction of its new Eco-Compliant Cartridges. This game changing packaging technology is manufactured from 80% recycled content and is totally 100% recyclable.

How Will You Notice the Difference?

CT1’s revolutionary Tribrid® Sealant and Adhesive formulation will now be supplied in a distinctive ‘all black’ cartridge that both encapsulates and emulates the company’s display branding and instore stands. So, it doesn’t matter if its CT1 Clear, White, Grey, Brown or Black, every one of CT1’s range will soon be available to you in these game-changing 100% recyclable eco-compliant cartridges!

Never has our environment mattered more for our future, and CT1 is leading the change for improvement, better sustainability and waste reduction. Not only is it a technologically unique and universal sealant and adhesive that already reduces the number of separate products needed for different construction jobs, but it is also now supplied in a 100% recyclable cartridge.

CT1 is the Most Cost-Effective Choice!

CT1 continually invests in the best, always delivering new technological and environmental improvements that provide huge performance and financial benefits for customers. And customers love it because they can replace several different products into just one cartridge, saving time and money, reducing waste while providing CT1’s outstanding bonding performance and perfect sealing solutions every time.

Exclusive Partnership with Ritter GmbH Further Embeds ‘Design for Recycling’ into our Processes

In an exclusive collaboration CT1, the leading provider of Tribrid® polymer sealants and adhesives in the UK, will unite in partnership with Ritter GmbH, the most advanced producer of plastic cartridges from recycled raw material, to provide Britain’s trades with the best products in the most environmentally friendly, ecological complaint cartridges available.

CT1 is the Safest and Strongest Choice!

CT1 is already the most sustainably minded manufacturer and supplier of sealant and construction adhesive in the UK, and this partnership further strengthens ‘design for recycling’ and creating long term solutions for customers into our production processes.

CT1 contains no solvents nor isocyanates, is almost odourless and releases no vapours nor harmful toxins. It’s also 350% stronger with superior elongation, secured colour retention and enhanced performance even in the harshest outdoor applications. It can be used both internally and externally to bond and seal almost every building material in most applications, including under water.

That’s why CT1 is the number 1 product of choice for trades in every sector of the industry including roofing contractors, joiners, window suppliers, kitchen fitters, bathroom installers, as well as specialist fit out and building companies.

CT1 is the Environmentally Compliant Choice!

With over 25 accreditations already, we are committed to environmental sustainability. CT1 is the most ecologically advanced and environmentally compliant product on the market, making it the healthiest choice for home, landscaping and commercial projects, especially clinical and food preparation environments. CT1 is the only manufacturer to conform to U.E. Directives in relation to environmental builds in producing a 100% ecological compliant product. In fact, CT1 is the only product in the UK market with the highly prestigious NAAF Asthma and Allergy Association Approval Certificate as well as achieving the coveted GEV EMICODE® EC1 Plus for the lowest indoor emissions.

Since homes and buildings have become more passive and better insulated, studies have shown they have also become a breeding ground for harmful substances that cause allergies and asthma. CT1 has been rigorously tested and is scientifically proven to be the safest choice to reduce the risk of asthma and allergy attacks.

Furthermore, CT1 is also the safest choice for our pets and wildlife. As it contains no solvents and free from harmful substances CT1 is 100% eco-compliant, can even be applied under water while ensuring no detrimental impacts on ecological biodiversity, aquatic plants, animals or fish.

Join the Revolution!

We’re excited to launch CT1’s new Eco-Complaint cartridges, making even more environmental and ecological improvements and leading the change for more sustainable products and packaging that reduce construction waste and consumer cost while simultaneously helping to create a better future for all generations. CT1 Eco Cartridges are available now in all good builders’ merchants nationwide and online from www.ct1.com

CT1 – Often Copied but Never Equalled!

We Innovate – Not Imitate!