Titon Reaches Golden Milestone

Titon Reaches Golden Milestone

From garden shed to global success – Titon Hardware celebrates its 50th year anniversary this week.

Incorporated in 1972 following the creation of the first Titon product, a window casement stay, John Anderson created Titon Hardware from his garden shed in Feering, Essex. 50 years later, Titon Hardware has gone from strength to strength and is now a market leader of window and door hardware and ventilation products.

Titon Hardware has had a manufacturing site (including research and development) in Haverhill since 1977 and its head office for Sales and Marketing in Colchester.

Titon manufactures and supplies ventilation and window and door products – ranging from its signature Trimvent background ventilator (first made and patented by John Anderson in 1973) to window handles, locking systems and hinge systems as well as powered ventilation products including whole house systems and extract fans. As a manufacturer, Titon also invests heavily in research and development, which enables the company to use the latest technology to keep its products both innovative and cost effective.

John Anderson’s shed

The company’s longevity and success is in no small part due to the loyalty, skill and expertise of its workforce as explained by Tyson Anderson, the firm’s Sales & Marketing Director and the son of John Anderson.

He said: “Titon started 50 years ago in a basic garden shed and as it grew, it was apparent that the working environment developed with it, which helped provide an efficient and professional attitude within the organisation.

“That initial ‘family feel’ permeated to every new employee and is reflected in the fact that anyone who left the business always reported back that they missed that Titon ethos and friendly approach. Long serving staff meant a better understanding of, and working relationships with, customers and suppliers. This works alongside a strong emphasis on Research & Development, which provides high quality, reliable and competitive product that has always given the company a solid foundation on which to obtain business and success.

“The operational bases in Haverhill and Colchester have provided a valued local workforce, enabling Titon to compete and resist the need to produce our products overseas, and in doing so helping the local and wider economy. The company continues to be a leader for domestic ventilation and hardware products in the UK and developing sales in many export markets.

The first product, a window
casement stay

“I have seen Titon progress from its initial inception all those years ago and I’m very proud of what has been achieved from its humble beginnings. We have always been grateful to our staff, who have moulded and developed the company in to the successful organisation it is today.”

The products made by Titon are sold into a range of European markets and the USA market is supplied through a wholly owned subsidiary, Titon Inc.

Since 2008, Titon has been in a joint venture with a partner in South Korea, where it has its own manufacturing facilities in Seoul.

The company estimates that it now has more than three-quarters of the market share for natural ventilation in the new build market in South Korea and now represents a significant source of profits for the Titon Group.