Specialist Hand & Eye Protection for the Construction Industry

Specialist Hand & Eye Protection for the Construction Industry

The technicians at MCR safety have developed a range of hand and eye protection to combat hazards faced by workers in the Construction Industry. Here we’re presenting a brief overview of just a few of those products and their specific features and benefits.

Next Generation Cut Resistance!

Graphene Fibre is the next generation in cut-resistant fibre technology.  This new carbonaceous material demonstrates extreme strength yet is lightweight and versatile enough to be used for specialist hand protection.

MCR Safety has introduced CT1071, a new Cut Level ‘E’ safety glove using the Graphene Fibre yarn. It offers a choice of different coatings designed for different tasks and working environments.

The glove has a 15-gauge shell specifically designed to take advantage of the ultra-lightweight nature of the new fibre. It’s a Cut Level ‘E’ yet you’ll find it’s 25% lighter than similar gloves offering this level of extreme protection. The fine construction means it’s supremely comfortable and easy to wear.

As the yarn isn’t blended with any harsh fibres, the high-level cut protection is maintained throughout the life of the glove. No fibre breakage means high durability, high comfort and no skin irritation.  The silk-like ‘second skin’ shell follows the contours of your hand and as an additional benefit, it has the ability to draw moisture away from your skin keeping your hands cool and dry all day long.

CT1071NM has a diaphanous Nitrile Micro-Foam coating so you’ll enjoy enhanced grip, even in oily conditions. It’s robust with an extremely high level of durability yet it’s incredibly fine so it won’t impair the lightweight nature of the shell.  The coating is also slightly textured to further improve gripping power.

CT1071PU has Polyurethane coating which is especially form-fitting to enable dexterity, flexibility and great hand agility. It also has a degree of resistant to oils and solvents and will protect against abrasive activities. This coating is designed to enhance durability, improve grip and dexterity so intricate tasks can be performed accurately without removing the glove.

There are no harsh fibres, the glove is sanitised for hygiene and also comes complete with a reinforced area between thumb and forefinger for additional protection.

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Keep working hands warm…

Working outside in the cooler months is very tough on hands. Most sites are open to the elements so cold temperatures, rain and high winds are a constant cause of discomfort. Even if you’re working indoors, it’s still damp and draughty as there’s unlikely to be any heating. It’s important to look after your hands and shield them from these unpleasant factors.

MCR Safety has a number of winter lined gloves in the range, HydraTherm is the most recent addition and it’s ideal for the Construction Industry.  Its a double dipped latex glove designed for cold, damp environments. The double layer of latex provides powerful grip with water repellent properties. It’s soft, flexible and comfortable with good dexterity.

The first smooth layer of latex provides full coverage and this is the moisture barrier. The second layer covers the palm and fingers and has a sandy texture to deliver superior wet and dry grip.

It’s a durable glove that keeps hands warm and dry for indoor or outdoor work. It’s also sanitised to protect against bacteria and reduce odour.

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Arm & Wrist Protection

Many tasks in the Construction Industry involve handling of abrasive or sharp materials that come into contact with the arm. It’s important that the correct arm protection is provided for operatives to ensure maximum safety.

There are a number of products available in the MCR Safety range, SL1067NO is a new addition, providing both cut and heat protection.

This high visibility orange sleeve feels soft against the skin. It’s made using MCR Safety’s latest fibre technology designed for reliable cut protection teamed with comfort and flexibility. The knitted construction allows for great breathability and the adjustable fastening at the top of the arm ensures the optimum fit regardless of bicep dimensions.

It has great protective credentials achieving cut level ‘D’ in the EN388 test and EN407 level 1 contact heat resistance up to 100°C.

Learn more about SL1067NO or view all hand & arm protection.

Lacuna – New High Tensile Steel Technology…

Lacuna provides extreme cut protection and carries the prestigious Tornado Gloves branding. It’s the latest addition to the Tornado range developed by the technicians at MCR Safety.

This fantastic glove is a cut level ‘F’ which assures maximum cut-resistance. It’s constructed using a revolutionary new yarn formulation that incorporates high-tensile steel.

The technically blended yarn uses HPPE fibre with high-tensile steel forming a core running through the centre of each strand. The strength comes purely from the partnership of HPPE and steel with absolutely no need for glass fibre which can often cause skin irritation.

It’s flexible, comfortable and dexterous, ideal protection for challenging industrial environments, construction sites and manual handling tasks involving sharp, jagged objects.

The robust glove shell has been developed with three different coating options to cope with different environments and working conditions.

From left to right, the grey palmed glove has Polyurethane coating with a ‘second-skin’ feel. It‘s incredibly dexterous, designed for precision handling tasks in high-risk environments where cut hazards are present. It has extra reinforcement between thumb and forefinger for added protection in that very vulnerable area of the hand.

Learn more about Lacuna CT1073PU

The black palmed glove has a Nitrile Sandy coating for incredible grip, it’s even been described as ‘vice-like’. The sandy surface texture is extremely dependable, especially in oily conditions. As the coating is black in colour, it’s practical for use in workplaces where oil and grime are commonplace.

Learn more about Lacuna CT1073NS

The distinctive blue palmed glove has a Latex coating, designed for powerful grip in damp or wet conditions. It has a crinkled finish that works in a similar way to the natural grip of human skin. It’s also highly efficient in dry environments so the glove is transferable from one work area to another.

Learn more about Lacuna CT1073SL

All three coatings are water repellent and each glove is fully sanitised for hand hygiene.

Learn more about EN388 testing for Cut Resistant Gloves

Practical & Effective Eye Protection Solutions…

Construction industry eye hazards and many and varied. Flying debris is unavoidable from masonry drilling, angle-grinding or sawing wood. Eye protection is essential, it must be comfortable, wearable and it can also be stylish…

Sennen has wide panoramic coverage, with a one-piece polycarbonate lens and a close ergonomic fit. Soft TPR temples are designed for all-day comfort.

Marazion is a premium sports style eye protector, ideal for work or leisure.  The low-profile, streamline design is incredibly lightweight at just 25g. Once again, TPR fittings ensure great comfort and a secure fit.

MCR Safety has a huge range of protective eyewear, goggles and face coverings that you can view on their website. They constantly update their range with the latest protective technology and also to keep in line current eyewear trends.

Prescription Safety Eyewear…

It’s so convenient when your prescription glasses can also be safety glasses! MCR Safety has a wide selection of prescription safety eyewear all manufactured in their own UK based optical lab. It’s CE and UKCA certified to EN166 plus it carries the British kitemark. If you’re managing PPE for a team, you can also enjoy a corporate online ordering and management system called EyeTicket.

Latest additions to the range include Logan, with wide lens coverage for panoramic view and maximum protection.  And Nevis, which hugs your face with its wrap-around arms and velvety TPR fittings.

General Handling Hero!

It’s wise to wear hand protection at all times, even for every-day tasks. Contour Avenger is a General Handling Hero! Wear it like a second-skin; work fast and efficiently, maybe even forget it’s on your hand. Enjoy freedom of movement and amazing dexterity yet know you’re protected from the minor knocks and scrapes that happen every day!

The soft Nitrile coating helps you grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. It’s comfortable for all-day wear and you can switch easily from one task to another without removing the glove.

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