Those Summer Nights – Light the Night with the new Markilux MX-4 Awning from Roché

Those Summer Nights – Light the Night with the new Markilux MX-4 Awning from Roché

The Markilux MX-4 awning comes with an attractive and functional design perfect for open-air seating areas and balconies to create a new living space which also comes alive at night.

The awning can have led spots in the drop out profile of the cassette as well as a led line in the cassette which creates a show stopping space as the sun fades. The lighting is controlled continuously and easily through an app to create different lighting ambiences depending on the occasion. Choose from timeless neutral lighting, warm ambience, cool lighting mood or a fabulous party lighting effect.

For further lighting dramatics the awning can be combined with the new Markilux MX-4 wall lights. Matched to the design language of the awning, they fit perfectly into the design scheme and demonstrate Al-fresco living on another level. The spotlights can flood light downwards, upwards or both, to create sensational lighting scenarios to match your mood.

The MX-4 doesn’t disappoint during the day, with a total of seven standard cassette colour combinations designed to create harmony with the architecture of the building it is the ideal solar protection solution. The development and creation of the new collection of outstanding awning cover fabrics take influence from future trends in interior design, fashion, architecture and landscape gardening. The result: a wonderful collection of awning fabrics with more than 200 high-quality patterns.

The Markilux MX-4 creates an effective and spectacular atmosphere, day and night.