ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

Despite the pandemic house prices have grown steadily over the last few years. Yet in recent months as inflation surged to a 41 year high of 11%, with Bank of England interest rates following suit to reach 3.5% and predictions of it peaking at 5.25% by mid-2023, house prices have fallen. Higher inflation tends to result in slower house price growth and it can make it harder to secure a mortgage. Average house prices currently sit at £296,000 which is less than this time last year.

The Cost of Floorspace

The cost per square meter of floorspace across the country varies wildly. In 2020 Which? reported that the North East of England offered the most affordable prices at £1,568 per square meter. The East of England was the third most expensive at £3,435 per m2, whilst the South East was over £4,000 per m2 and Greater London was the most expensive at £6,219 per m2. Since then, prices have increased with latest estimates suggesting that average prices across London are £7,000 per m2.

In the most affluent boroughs of London such as Kensington and Chelsea where average house prices top £1.4m, just one square meter of floorspace is worth an eye-watering £28,500. Even in Camden (with average house prices of around £800,000) it is £16,000 per m2. To make things worse in London, the comparatively small abodes offer an average internal space of just 93m2 – which means that space really is at a premium not only in terms of cost but also availability.

How Pocket Doors Work

Pocket doors slide into a cavity, or pocket in the wall. The door panel is top-hung from a track that allows the door to slide from side to side. ECLISSE systems are made from galvanised steel and aluminium. They have been comprehensively tested for reliability and robustness making them suitable for use anywhere in the home including the bathroom. ECLISSE offer pocket systems to suit 10 standard UK door sizes, the three standard Irish standard door sizes, plus bespoke sizes. They can be used with your choice of timber doors as well as with a wide range of fully tempered frameless glass doors, to add a touch of elegance.

Inventive Ways to Create Space and Make Better Use of Available Space

ECLISSE pocket door systems are an excellent way to create more usable space. Using a track, doors are top-hung rather than side-hinged to enable the door to slide into a side pocket which frees up the space that would otherwise be taken up by the arc of the door, as well as the wall space behind. As well as enhancing the flow of the property this freeing up of otherwise unusable space also offers opportunities for free-standing shelving or artwork. Without a door encroaching into the room, you will also be able to move furniture closer to the edges of the room – creating more usable space in the centre of the room which will make the room feel more spacious.

The functional nature, but creative designs, of pocket doors also makes them an excellent choice for smaller rooms such as utility rooms, ensuites or washrooms – for which you might also choose a glazed door to allow in extra light and add a touch of elegance. Additionally, anyone that works from home might consider using a pocket door to partition off a workstation or home office allowing them to create a sense of division between workspace and personal space.

Telescopic pocket doors, can be used for wider openings, and are a great way to make more inventive use of open plan space allowing areas to be divided off when required such as between a lounge and a dining room, or to partition off a room when guests are in the home allowing for personal space.

Pocket Doors Offer a Fantastic Return on Investment

Apartments and luxury flats can be very restricted in size making it vital that every square meter is utilised to its maximum potential. By installing pocket doors instead of traditional hinged doors 8% of usable space can be gained in a 100m2 layout. In Kensington and Chelsea that equates to a whopping £228,000, whilst even in North East England where property prices are cheapest it still adds up to a very bankable £12,544 – a fantastic return on the comparatively small investment of installing pocket doors.

To find out how you can make the most of your space and add refinement by using ECLISSE pocket door systems, plus how to correctly size and install them, call now to speak to one of our friendly product experts in our UK-based Customer Service Team.

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