Creating sustainable buildings for our future, together: SIP Build UK and Hemsec work together to build on a shared vision.

Creating sustainable buildings for our future, together: SIP Build UK and Hemsec work together to build on a shared vision.

SIP Build UK and Hemsec announce their partnership with the aim of providing a cost-effective, end-to-end solution for the creation of energy-efficient building systems. With energy prices soaring and millions of UK households living in fuel poverty, we must consider the ways we construct now more than ever.

Many house builders are driving energy savings through a combination of materials and technology; however, we believe that a fabric-first approach delivers huge benefits for the homeowner and the environment. In addition, as building regulations change, a fabric-first approach will increase thermal efficiency to futureproof the build by considering the entire building envelope, with construction materials sitting at the heart of this.

Building with SIPs can significantly contribute to meeting Future Home Standards and Passivhaus standards, resulting in reduced days that require heating, significantly reducing energy bills. Additionally, when building with SIPs, homes are airtight, resulting in cooler homes during the warmer weather.

Through the partnership, SIP Build UK and Hemsec aim to build on existing synergies to provide high-quality sustainable building systems, with a focus on taking responsibility in today’s environment for the generations of tomorrow.

Sarah Gazzola, Sales & Marketing Director at Hemsec commented: “At Hemsec, we are on an exciting journey to become a B-Corp certified company and therefore it is extremely important for us to build relationships with organisations where there is a synergy in our values and purpose. With a strong alignment in the direction we’re heading, we are looking forward to building on the relationship we have with SIP Build UK and hope to make a real difference in the construction industry through providing high-quality panels that contribute to an energy-efficient future for homeowners.”

Chris Duckworth, Managing Director at SBUK Group, added:

“The future direction allows us to make the most of being a market leader with Nationwide Coverage, SIPs are regularly featured on Grand Designs and other property programmes, we have seen demand soar in this marketplace.  Energy efficiency is harder to achieve using traditional methods and the short supply of brick layers is moving many developers and builders towards Offsite Manufacture.  Our partnership with Hemsec and our dedicated teams and systems enables us to continue our passion for better products and processes which aim to increase efficiency, quality, resident satisfaction, environmental performance and sustainability.”

About Hemsec
Hemsec is the UK’s leading independent and longest-standing composite insulated panel manufacturers. With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Hemsec has played a key role in shaping the use of insulated panels across many industries.

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About SIP Build UK
SIP Build UK is part of the market leading SBUK Group. For over a decade SIP Build UK take great pride in the design and manufacture of high performance, thermally efficient buildings delivered and installed within budget on site on time. With extensive knowledge and years of experience they cover the length and breadth of England and Wales. Offering SIP, Timber Frame, Cladding and Light Steel Frame Systems they pride themselves on a consultative approach.

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Q&A with SIP Build UK

Can you give a short background to SIP Build UK and its successful growth into what is now a wider Group offering sustainable building expertise?

SBUK emerged in 2012 in the knowledge that the UK building industry was going to face an overhaul in regulations that would demand the use of building systems with improved thermal efficiencies.

These improved and more stringent regulations combined with a further requirement to future proof new dwellings has allowed the group to develop distinct offerings using energy efficient, sustainable timber systems be it with SIPs or Pre Insulated Timber Frames.

The group now has a number of high performance solutions to offer that we can tailor to each projects thermal, aesthetic and commercial requirements.

All of the stocked timber was used and supply became very tight, prices went through the roof and product became scarce.  As an industry we seem to have been at the front of the recessionary pressures before they worked through to the consumer markets.

Ukraine has had impact on supply for many products but the majority of the UK’s timber does not come from this region.  Steel however continues to rise in cost at pace as a result of the steel mills been hugely impacted as a result of the war.

For specifiers looking to adopt a SIPS approach – what are the key strengths and benefits of the panels – both from a commercial perspective and for self-build housing options?

The specification of correctly accredited SIPs systems provides the specifier with an extremely predictable system removing variables from the project. Engaging with a company like SBUK group at the earliest stage allows for a predictability in thermal performance, cost and program time from the outset.

The increasingly stringent building regulation changes can still be achieved with an “of the shelf approach” guaranteeing thermal performance targets, while the offsite manufacture of systems allow for fast and predictable program times on site, reducing variables and therefore risk for the project overall.

What key projects have you been working on over the last 18 months?  Is there one in particular where you have really made a difference?

We have recently featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs – The Derbyshire Longhouse.

This was an extremely challenging project that required the meticulous design, manufacture and install of our SIPs to a complex Steel Frame. The Roof panels particularly as all angles were different on each roof plane, providing no square side as a starting point. This was a deliberate feature to create more interesting detailing and architectural flare.

This was achieved and excelled through our highly skilled and collaborative approach as without an exceptional understanding of SIPs and building systems this project would not have worked!

How do you see the timber sector developing over the next 18 months and what plans has SIPbuildUK for 2023 – it seems to be a busy time as the wider Group now offers a range of construction options?

Reducing energy consumption in new builds while using sustainable and responsibly sourced systems / materials remains a main focus in the industry. This is obviously amplified by the situation in the Ukraine and soaring energy prices.

With further demand from clients and specifiers to improve the as built performance of dwellings coinciding with more stringent measures being implemented through SAP we see quality businesses that have the correct accreditations, systems and knowledge in place for these timber systems leading the market.

The offsite, fabric first approach of SIPs and Pre Insulated Timber Frame systems reduce variables, risk, materials, wet trades, program time and labour requirements on site while exceeding current regulations with ease.

With traditional methods of construction finding it increasingly difficult to achieve these standards while keeping wall thicknesses and skilled labour under control, the use of timber  systems will continue to boom.

The number of national house builders now adopting these systems on mass and pledging to increase the use of these systems in the future is proof of this.

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