FEIN announces new grinding range to elevate industry safety and performance

FEIN announces new grinding range to elevate industry safety and performance

FEIN, the leading power tools and accessories manufacturer, has announced a new grinding product range, revealing new safety and performance features to meet the latest user needs.

Following the launch, power tool operators working across disciplines will be able to choose from the extended range of over 40 grinding tools, with corded and cordless options available. The range has been developed as a result of first-hand industry feedback, to provide a product suitable for every application, for example, angle grinding, die grinding and stainless-steel processing.

The portfolio includes the launch of the CG 15 compact angle grinder – the first of its class to feature a fully encapsulated, brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor. The tool’s powerful, yet efficient, 1500W motor and superior power-to-weight ratio allow user to operate with superior efficiency and endurance. Furthermore, the angle grinder has been designed with cost and longevity considerations in mind, it requires fewer wearing parts, has longer service intervals and incurs lower maintenance costs throughout its life.

The CG 15 grinder also offers users extensive protection through a variety of safety features which were driven by user feedback, including restart protection, kick back check, jam monitoring and an efficient brake which brings the tool to a stop in less than 2 seconds.

Safety remains an important topic in the industry, with grinding tools classified by RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) as one of the most dangerous tools, with 5,400 injuries recorded annually. FEIN’s Protago high-safety angle grinder, featured in the grinding tool range, was created in collaboration to set new safety standards in the industry. Bouygues, the construction giant, had previously banned the use of compact angle grinders following a serious accident, however, together with FEIN, the teams developed the Protago with safety features that almost fully eliminate the serious risks associated with improper operation.

The Protago, in addition to 9 other tools in this launch, is now available on the 18v AMPShare battery platform, powered by Bosch. The multi-brand shared system allows users to power over 200 different tools from over 30 brands with just one AMPShare battery, eliminating the costly requirement to purchase a specific battery type per tool. 

Speaking on the grinder range extension, Andy Mills, managing director at FEIN UK shared: “Our grinder portfolio was developed as a result of our application-based approach at FEIN, which means that we are out in the industry meeting users to gain a detailed understanding of their working environments and the challenges they are facing to ensure that our products are meeting their needs. By continuing this approach with our grinding tools and this development, we are really proud to be offering users the right product for every application.”

“This grinding tool launch will also see an additional 10 FEIN products becoming available on AMPShare. We are really excited to see our customers responses to this development because we know how the shared battery system makes their lives easier and enables them the freedom to pick the best tool for the job – and we will be continuing to make our products available on AMPShare throughout the year.”

FEIN has a rich history in providing application-based solutions for end-users across metalworking sectors. With over 150 years’ experience in manufacturing power tools, FEIN is research and innovation-led, continuing to meet the industry’s needs with new product features year after year.

To find out more about the FEIN’s range of grinding tools, visit fein.com/en_uk/.