Leading power tool manufacturer Makita has added four new cordless vibrating concrete pokers to its line-up. Powered by Makita’s backpack battery units, the new VR001C, VR002C, VR003C and VR004C are flexible solutions to enable effective levelling and aeriation of concrete over wide areas.

Offering long run times and 12,000 vibrations per minute for strengthening concrete in a wide variety of applications such as floors, columns, walls and stairs, the new concrete vibrators with flexible pokers are driven by a 36V high power motor housed in a lightweight body. Makita has developed each highly durable model with the motor located in the vibrator head to significantly reduce power loss, while also reducing the vibration that is transferred to the user to allow for more comfortable, continuous use.

Professionals can choose the model to suit their compaction performance preference: The VR001C features a 1.5m poker that is 43mm in diameter; the VR002C features a 3m poker that is 43mm in diameter; the VR003C offers a 1.5m poker, 52mm in diameter; and the VR004C is designed with a 52mm diameter, 3m poker.

The new products join Makita’s ‘Direct Connection’ range which utilises backpack power as an enhanced runtime and power solution for commercial applications. Each model is powered by ‘Direct Connection’ to either the PDC1200 portable power backpack with built-in 36V (33.5Ah) battery, or the PDC01 portable power backpack which uses up to four 18V LXT batteries, therefore transferring the weight of the tool body to the backpack harness for comfortable operation and less user fatigue.

Users can rely on these tools for excellent run times enabling continuous work over a wide area. For example, when operated with the PDC1200 portable power supply, the VR001C and VR002C will provide up to 300-minutes of runtime on a single charge, and the VR003C and VR004C will provide up to 200-minutes of runtime on a single charge.

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