Why you should use commercial laundry equipment is required for housing laundry rooms

Why you should use commercial laundry equipment is required for housing laundry rooms

It’s easy to see why so many ask if a domestic washing machine can be used in a laundry room. After all, they both wash clothes, but the truth is you’d be mistaken in thinking that a washer you’d find at home will have the robustness needed for laundry facilities in housing settings.

Let’s take a look at the key reasons you should be choosing a commercial washing machine over its domestic counterpart.


Built to last

Commercial washers are strong by design and specifically built to cope with the high demand of continuous laundry. Whilst many domestic washers can withstand daily use trying to keep up with family life, they may only amount to 5,000 cycles of laundry in their lifetime which cannot service the needs of numerous tenants. Professional washing machines are tailored for this longer lifespan and can offer up to 30,000 cycles of washing.


Specialist solutions

Some housing developers opt for coin-operated or contactless commercial laundry equipment solutions to help cover the costs of operating laundry rooms. Alternatively, space saving commercial stacked systems where two machines are placed on top of each other are a popular option where the overall floor space is limited.


Enhanced support

The benefit of specialist laundry equipment is that there are specialist engineers to go hand in hand, ensuring you never experience downtime for long. For housing providers, it is imperative to have engineers available for repair works so your residents are still able to utilise the facilities.

More energy efficient

Commercial washing machines and tumble dryers are more energy efficient and save water compared to their domestic counterparts. With the significant increase in energy costs and a greater emphasis on reducing the carbon footprint of buildings in the housing sector, these issues are becoming increasingly important to address.


Innovative technologies

Commercial washing machines often have innovative technologies, such as JLA Otex. This ozone-based technology disinfects laundry killing over 99.99% of harmful bacteria and also saves up to 35% energy and water as laundry can be washed at a much lower temperature.

For more advice on how to save energy, take a look at the JLA Energy Smart Hub or visit the JLA website.