In environments where humidity and heat reign supreme, maintaining a fresh and clean interior can be a constant battle. From spas to shower areas and other damp spaces, moisture can quickly take a toll on the building’s interior, leading to discolouration, warping and potential mould growth.

At Zentia, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses that operate in these conditions, which is why we are proud of Aquabloc – our toughest ceiling tile that defies humidity and heat to keep interiors looking pristine for years to come.

Made from hydrated calcium silicate, the Aquabloc tile is a true game-changer with 100% Relative Humidity (RH) performance. This means it can endure even the most challenging environments without comprising its structural integrity or aesthetic appeal.

Whether you require a ceiling tile solution for a luxurious spa, shower facilities, or any other facility where humidity and heat are a constant, Aquabloc is the perfect answer for creating interiors that remain bright, fresh and inviting.

Easy Installation, Stunning Results

In addition to its exceptional performance, Aquabloc offers an easy-to-install board edge, making it simple to incorporate into any new or existing grid system. Once installed, the white ceiling tiles can instantly elevate the ambiance of interiors, adding a sense of light and height.


Seamless Specification

Specification with Zentia has never been easier. A team of dedicated Architectural and Design Consultants throughout the UK are ready to help with exploring design concepts or finalising specifications. You can also see us at Material Source Studio in Manchester or Glasglow, a one-of-a-kind hub of design inspiration for architects.

Zentia are partners with NBS, a free-to-use construction product platform that allows you to quickly and easily find, select and specify our products. This means you can find all of our products on NBS, with accurate and up to date specification data, making project design simple.


Invest in Longevity and Aesthetics

By choosing Aquabloc, you are not just investing in a ceiling tile, you are investing in the longevity and refinement of your interior spaces. Say goodbye to the constant cycle of replacement and repair, and enjoy even more peace of mind with Zentia’s 30 year warranty when used with a Zentia grid system.  Say hello to a fresh, inviting atmosphere that prevents humidity and heat from dictating the look and feel of interior spaces. Embrace the power of Aquabloc and experience the difference a humidity-defying tile can make.

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