Square Mile Farms is awarded the ESGmark® certification

Square Mile Farms is awarded the ESGmark® certification

Square Mile Farms has been awarded the esteemed ESGmark® a testament to its commitment to responsible business practices.


The recognition of Square Mile Farms being awarded the ESGmark® underscores its dedication to fostering sustainability and wellness within communities. Through its innovative vertical farming systems, Square Mile Farms empowers individuals and businesses to embrace healthier, more sustainable lifestyles while championing eco-friendly agricultural solutions that integrate nature into urban and corporate settings.

The ESGmark® certification is only awarded after a rigorous analysis of an organisation’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials. The award is an important recognition of the objectives, intentions and actions taken by a company, its management and other team members. Attainment of the certification is an important way for organisations to communicate with their clients and other stakeholders and demonstrate their responsible approach to business.


The attainment of the ESGmark® certification follows a rigorous assessment of an organization’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. It serves as a significant acknowledgment of Square Mile Farms’ values, objectives, and actions, signalling its alignment with responsible business principles. Furthermore, the certification serves as a powerful tool for Square Mile Farms to communicate its commitment to stakeholders and clients.

Hamish Grant, Chief Growth Officer at Square Mile Farms, expressed the company’s pride in partnering with ESGmark®, stating, “Square Mile Farms chose to partner with ESGmark® to provide robust and transparent proof that we are living up to our values as a sustainable business and a responsible employer.”