TuffTrak Lite “the ‘lightweight’ heavy duty road mat”

Zigma® Ground Solutions is again pushing the boundaries of product innovation with their latest addition to the TuffTrak® family of heavy duty temporary road mats, TuffTrak Lite™.

TuffTrak LiteTM is heralded by Zigma® as the first of a new and innovative generation of heavy duty temporary road mats combining the latest design, materials and fabrication.

Ideal for use in the construction industry, TuffTrak LiteTM incorporates a unique and innovative fabrication design to substantially reduce the weight of each mat but at the same time maintaining TuffTrak®’s excellent performance as a robust, rugged and heavy duty road mat.

  • More mats, more temporary roadway per lorry, reduced costs
  • Reduces costs where a traditional heavy-weight road mat is an over-engineered solution
  • Helps achieve lower carbon footprint and therefore achieve sustainability objective

Zigma® is recognised globally as a leading designer and manufacturer of temporary access and ground protection products delivering ‘Best in Class’ solutions that offer optimum safety, performance and value, coupled with a fundamental commitment to sustainability and the environment.

‘We continually look to product innovation and to continually question the status quo,’ remarked Zigma®’s founder and Managing Director Iain Brown. ‘Our philosophy is to listen carefully to the needs of our customers and their changing requirements and monitor the demands of the market. In delivering the necessary solutions, we look to develop products that feature creative designs, new materials and fabrication methods. Put simply, Zigma® leads and others follow’

TuffTrak LiteTM   will deliver a compression weight loading of c.100 tonnes* per mat and both deliver the ideal solution between the lighter man-handleable EuroMat® and the current Tufftrak® family, creating further opportunities for customers to apply the right matting solution to the specific project requirements.

TuffTrak LiteTM incorporates the same key features making TuffTrak® the product of choice for many global market sectors including transmission, construction and oil and gas. TuffTrak LiteTM also benefits from a solid one piece construction design and features the unique chevron traction® surface, delivering effective grip and forward movement of heavy plant or vehicles and reducing sideways slippage, TuffTrak LiteTM also incorporates our standard ‘micro traction’™, adding further to efficient grip and safety.

Iain Brown went on to say, ‘At Zigma® our mission is to continually introduce innovative and unique products that mirror our core values and the changing requirements of our customers, to ensure that Zigma® becomes the product of choice across the key sectors we serve globally and that we continually deliver maximum safety, performance and value.’logo

*Subject to final testing by the National Physical Laboratory, UK.

**Subject to final manufacturing tolerance