Yeoman Shield is Top Dog at Cestria Vets

Cestria Vets, an established practice in Chester-le- Street County Durham, were keen to protect their newly converted and decorated building from interior damage to walls.

Gill Maxwell took over as practice principal in 2001 investing in the modernisation and up-dating of the veterinary practice.

“We spent time and money on the conversion of the new premises and we wanted to keep the décor looking smart, clean and welcoming.

“Yeoman Shield Wall Protection Panels and corner protection angles were just the solution for our busy practice.” Explained Gill Maxwell

The newly converted upper floor of the vets practice consists of a comfortable waiting room where walls have been protected to 1250mm high with Yeoman Shield 2.0mm thick wall protection panels with a FalmouthEx finish in a Dusty Grey colour. Vulnerable corners were covered with 50 x 50mm corner angles made from the same material.

The wall protection was also installed throughout the four consulting rooms, theatre and storage area.

“We had already chosen the colour for the paint work and were nicely surprised that Yeoman Shield could offer, from their range, a colour which suited just right.” Continued Gill.

Part of the lower floor of the building has a large training room and class room which is used by Baindream Dog Training Centre owned by Dave Bain.

“The walls in the large training room and the downstairs entrance hallway come under-attack from the comings and goings of both dogs and owners.” Commented Dave Bain.

“We have protected both walls and corners with Yeoman Shield Panels and corner protection angles making it easy to clean and helping to prevent damage which will reduce redecorating requirements in years to come.

“We also find it to be an environmentally friendly solution which provides a hygienic and decorative finish.” He concluded.

Yeoman Shield were also able to cut and install small back panels to sit behind metal loops, used to tie dogs up during soft separation training, to prevent the metal hoop from hitting and damaging the wall.

Yeoman Shield directly employed fixing operatives installed the protection products in the Veterinary and Dog Training Centre.

For more information on Yeoman Shield products call 0113 2795854 or email [email protected]