Geocel, expertise in quality sealants, coatings and associated chemicals, introduces theWORKS, a high performance product range that helps tradespeople tackle those hard-hitting jobs.

With three uniquely formulated products; theWORKS Multi-Use Sealant and Adhesive, theWORKS XXX High Grab Ultra Adhesive and theWORKS Spray, Geocel offers a way of managing all kinds of projects that are considered impossible with other traditional solvent or water based adhesives.

theWORKS Multi-Use Sealant and Adhesive is suitable in wet or dry conditions, it won’t shrink or stain and can be used on virtually any substrate – making it ideal for tough areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

theWORKS XXX High Grab Ultra Adhesive is one of the strongest products on the market and can be used to complete exterior and interior jobs.

An addition to theWORKS range is sealants and adhesives, theWORKS’ Spray can get rid of old or sticky substances too. The all-purpose aerosol works in seconds, making it easy to remove grease, oil and tar.

Geocel’s technical director, Stuart Oakey, offers his knowledge on how to get the best from theWORKS products:

  • Make sure when using theWORKS XXX you give the adhesive enough time to cure, otherwise the required bond will fail
  • For optimum performance it is important to prepare, ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and grease free
  • The V nozzle is an essential part when using theWORKS XXXit helps achieve a smooth finish
  • Cut the nozzle to give an opening that is slightly smaller than the width of the gap you’re trying to fill. Using a sharp knife ensures that there’s no uneven edges, allowing smooth application



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